Modifies The Constitutional Organic Law Of Municipalities, With The Purpose Of Establishing System Of Separate Elections Of Mayors And Councillors


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"(Artículo único.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones a la ley Nº 18.695, Orgánica Constitucional de Municipalidades: 1. En el artículo 57: a) incorporated in the first sentence of the paragraph first, then of the comma (,), the following phrase:"in voting and identity separate from the Councillors,"."

(b) add the following new second subsection: "To be candidate to Mayor is must comply with the requirements specified in article 73 of this law.".

2 Incorporanse the following prayers to the final paragraph of article 60, following the separate point, which happens to be point followed: "notwithstanding, in the case of remarkable abandonment of duties or serious violation of rules on administrative probity, the Mayor will be suspended in the charge as soon the judgment of first instance who welcome the requirement shall be notified to you." In such a case shall apply the provisions of the third paragraph of article 62. In the event of stay to this firm resolution, the affected will be disabled to exercise any public office for a period of five years. "."

(3 replaced the letter m) of article 63, the following: "m) convening and chairing, with right to vote, the Council;" as also to convene and preside over the communal economic and social Council; "."

4. replace the second sentence of the third subparagraph of article 86 by the following: "If the tie, will be voted in a new session, which should be verified at the latest within 3rd day.".

5 in article 107: to) insert in the first sentence of the paragraph first, between the preposition "a" and the word "Council", the words "mayors and";

(b) replace the second sentence of the same paragraph with the following: "such statements may only include up to as many candidates as charges appropriate to choose the respective commune or grouping of communes." In any case, a same candidate may not simultaneously apply for the offices of Mayor and Councillor, either in the same commune or in different communes. ";

(c) insert in the first sentence of the third paragraph, then of verbal expression "it postulare", the phrase "to his re-election or";

((d) disposed of in the same first sentence of the third paragraph, the phrase "and as a Councillor", and e) Agreganse in the fourth paragraph, after the word "nominations", the expression "Mayor and aldermen".

6. merge the following 107 bis, new article: "rule 107 bis.-candidatures Mayor may be sponsored by a political party, a party Pact, a Pact of parties and independent, and independent."

Candidates sponsored by independent Mayor, are subject to the percentages and formalities laid down in the articles 111 and 112 of this Act. "."

7 replaced by subsection first article 108 the expression "municipal authorities" by the word "councillors".

8 Agreganse in article 109, after the word "nominations", the first time it appears, the words "Mayor and aldermen".

9 Article 110: to) in the first subparagraph, replacements the word "candidates" by "of the candidate for mayor and Councillors candidates".

(b) replace the second paragraph by the following: "in the case of freelancers that are part of a Covenant, next to their name is expressed as such, individualizing them at the end of the respective agreement, under the name"Independientes". The independent, which in turn form part of a subpacto identify at the end of the respective subpacto. "."

(c) add the following final paragraph: "statements of candidates for mayor and Councillors in the same list or agreement must expressly noted the charge to which postulate the respective candidates"..

10 Intercalanse in the first paragraph of article 111, between the preposition "a" and the word "Councillor", the words "mayor or".

11 in article 112: to) be inserted in subsection first, between the word 'independent' and the verbal form "shall", the expression "a mayor or Councillor".

(b) incorporate following final, new subparagraph: "However, independent candidates who apply for integrating pacts or subpactos not apply them as provided in the preceding subparagraphs.".

12 in article 117: to) replace the second paragraph by the following: "the resolutions issued by the regional electoral courts, within the framework of the competition that it gives them by this law, shall be subject to appeal for the election qualifier Tribunal.";

(b) replace in the third paragraph the expression "six days" by "three days";

((c) Reemplazanse in subsection fourth the words "fifteen" and "third" by "twelfth" and "second", respectively, and d) replaced in the fifth paragraph the word "third" by "second".

13 deleted in article 118 the expression "to the Mayor and".

14 insert in the chapeau of article 121, after the word "candidates", the expression "to Councillors".

15 article 125, replaced by the following: ' article 125.-will be elected Mayor the candidate who obtains the greatest number of validly cast votes in the commune, i.e. excluded blank votes and the null and void, as determined by the competent Regional Electoral Tribunal. "

In case of tie, the Electoral Tribunal Regional respective, at public hearings and through draw, will determine the mayor elected from among the tied candidates. ".".