Amends Act No. 19.518 On Status Of Training And Employment


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"(Artículo 1º.-Introdúcense en la ley Nº 19.518, las siguientes modificaciones: 1. Ael artículo 1º: a) replace the final dot (.)" your second paragraph by comma (,), and add the following final sentence: "and is not subject to financing through the tax exemption established in this Act.".

(b) Incorporanse following paragraphs third, fourth and fifth, new: "However as pointed out in the preceding paragraph, may be object of financing laid down in article 36 of this law, training modules in creditable job skills for the training of senior technicians, leading to technical title be given by technical training centres authorized by the Ministry of education" as well as, those activities aimed at basic levels courses and means, for workers, on such terms and conditions that are established in the regulation.
A Supreme Decree, which will be the signing of the Ministers of labour and Social Welfare, finance and education, will regulate financing conditions and eligibility of the programmes, in the case of training modules on labour competencies leading to technical titles given by the technical training centers.
May also be subject to this funding, the updating of basic knowledge for workers who, having completed the basic formal education or media, they have lost the ability of reading writing and arithmetic. "."

2. in article 10, the following second and third subparagraphs Agreganse, new: "are also considered training, activities to develop skills, abilities or degree of knowledge of the trade union leaders, when they are agreed in the framework of collective bargaining or at another time, and are aimed to enable them to properly comply with its Trade Union role.
Referred to in this article for training programmes geared to workers who have the quality of Union leaders, the program and funding will be without prejudice to other programs and sources of public funding, referred to in other legal bodies. "."

3 added in article 12, the following new second subsection: "Notwithstanding the foregoing, the activities corresponding to the leveling of the Basic General education and Media, will be carried out by entities recognised by the Ministry of education.".

4. Add in article 19, the following paragraph third, new: "Shall not apply the provisions of the preceding subparagraphs entities designed to impart basic studies leveling activities and means that this body of law, defined in this way by the Ministry of education.".

5 replace the third paragraph of article 33, by the following, becoming current subparagraphs fourth and fifth subparagraphs fifth and sixth, respectively: "the execution of training companies carried out for its former workers, may exceed up to five months the validity of the respective employment relationship, when the last former worker's compensation does not exceed the equivalent of 25 monthly tax units. These training activities must be performed by a technical training agencies.
The employer shall communicate such actions to national service at least one business day before that they begin. "."

6 Add in article 36, the following new fourth subsection: "without prejudice to the foregoing, costs incurred by companies by the leveling of basic studies and media workers and training modules on labour competencies referred to in the third and fourth subparagraphs of article 1 only may be attributed to the tax exemption , to the extent that the beneficiary does not have another State funding that has the same purpose, whether it's own Ministry of education or other agency of the Government. "."

7 replace the article 38, by the following: "article 38.-companies only failing as direct costs the costs incurred on the occasion of training programs that develop themselves or contracted with agencies and entities registered in the register referred to in article 19, the contributions that adherent enterprises carry out intermediate training technical agencies and the costs incurred on the occasion of the programmes as referred in" Article 1 and in the second paragraph of article 10. "."