Introduces Various Modifications To The Spirits, Vinegars And Alcoholic Beverages Act, Concerning Consumption In The Via Publica


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"(Artículo 1º.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones a la ley Nº 17.105, de Alcoholes, Bebidas Alcohólicas y Vinagres: 1) be replaced with article 113 which is expressed here:"article 113. " The consumption of alcoholic beverages in streets, roads, squares, walks and other places of public use is prohibited.
The violation of this prohibition shall be punished with any of the following measures: 1 fine of up to a monthly tax unit.
2nd warning, when aparecieren favourable for the offender background.
The offender may pave the infringement and immediately enter 25% of the maximum amount of the fine to the officer of the watch of the police unit, or petty officer where appropriate, who shall integrate the sums paid into third day in the municipal Treasury or the servicer that concluded agreement the municipality.
Where the offender is not set, it will be quoted so that you appear before the judge of competent local police.
Also means that the person accepts the infringement and the imposition of the fine, putting term to the cause, for the mere reason that paid 50% of the maximum amount, in fifth day of cited to the tribunal, for which present the copy of the citation, which will indicate the coursed infringement. The municipal Treasury or the servicer will get to the Court proof of payment shortly.
The officer of the guard, or the non-commissioned officer in his case, will give account in the shortest time to court local police of fines paid, the money raised and made citations, leaving evidence of the fact of being the first, second or third opportunity in which people were surprised at this violation.
In any case, the fine imposed by work for the benefit of the community offered by the respective municipality or other public body fulfilling the requirements laid down in article 20 bis of law No. 18.287, the judge you can toggle. Without limiting the foregoing, such works may also be in a legal person, of charity, of private law, which contains them.
The foregoing provisions shall not prejudice the responsibility that any crimes or misdemeanours committed by the offender. "."

(2) add the following article 114: "article 114. Provisions of the preceding article will also take place with respect to who may be surprised on the public highway or in places open to the public in clear State of drunkenness.
In this case, if a person has engaged in such conduct more than three times in a year, police will denounce the fact to the appropriate local police judge. This may impose, in a hearing that one will quote to this effect, any of the following measures: 1. Follow medical, psychological, or of any other nature, treatment aimed at rehabilitation, and 2nd. Plunging into a hospital or therapeutic community open with programs for the treatment of alcoholism.
To resolve, the judge of local police may require reports and proceedings as it deems appropriate, in order to determine the diagnosis of habitual alcohol intake.
In its resolution, the judge shall specify the duration of the measure, which may not exceed ninety days, renewable once, for a similar period.
Resolutions which implement these measures will be appealable in accordance with the provisions of article 32 of the law Nº 18.287. "."

(3) add the following article 115: "article 115. In cases referred to in the two preceding articles, the offender will be conducted by the police to a police barracks to comply with the procedures listed in these articles, and to protect their health and integrity in accordance with subsections that follow.
If it does not have control over his actions, it can be maintained in these dependencies until it regains it, with a maximum of six hours, or, if it is your health at risk, you will be led to a health service.
The police shall take the necessary measures to inform the family of the offender or people that he indicated about the place where he is either granted facilities to communicate by telephone with any of them.
In any case, the police may make delivery of the affected person who so requests to lead to his home, under their responsibility, before the expiration of the time limit, and without prejudice to the further offence process. "."

(4) add the following article 116: "article 116. If child under eighteen years of age is caught doing any of behaviour prohibited in the articles 113, paragraph first, and 114, paragraph first, as protective measure will be conducted by the police to police headquarters or his domicile, in order to return to their parents or the person responsible for your care, provided that this is of legal age.
If the child is driven to the police headquarters, police will adopt the necessary measures to inform his family or persons he indicated about the place in which it is located, either granted facilities to communicate by telephone with any of them.
To return the minor to his parents or the person responsible for your care, police apercibirá them in writing that if the child commits in the infringements referred to in this article more than three times in a year, are to be sent your background to the national service for minors. It also recorded in that document the previous occasions in which he has completed such behaviors. The person who receives the child, previous identification, signed by the respective record.
Police, at the opportunity that corresponds, will compliance to penalty referred to in the preceding subparagraph. "."

(5) repeal articles 117 and 154.