Amends No. 18.700, Organic Constitutional Act On Popular Votes And Polls, In Terms Of Electoral Complaints And Other Procedural Aspects


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"(Artículo 1º.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones a la ley Nº 18.700, Orgánica Constitucional sobre Votaciones Populares y Escrutinios: 1) Insert, in the first paragraph of article 40, between the words"Local"; and"the", the phrase"the prosecutors of the public prosecutor";."

(2) replaced, in the second paragraph of article 61, the expression "judge of the crime" by the phrase "the force responsible for law and order.".

(3) replace, in the second paragraph of article 63, the expression "of the judge's crime" by the phrase "of the force responsible for law enforcement".
(4) replace, in article 78, the expression "Judge of crime" by "Public Ministry".

(5) replace the second paragraph of article 97, by the following: "requests for rectifications of indexes and the claims for annulment of elections or referendums, will be presented to the Regional Electoral Court corresponding to the territory in which it may have committed acts that serve as a basis for the claim, within the ten days following the date of the election or plebiscite and must accompany in the same Act background therefor. If a teller College has not completed yet their work upon the expiry of the third day following the election or plebiscite, that term shall be considered extended by fatal within three days counted from that in which the respective school complete their work. "."

(6) replaced article 98, with the following: "article 98-inside of within five days, counted from the resolution that welcome to processing the respective claim or application, is surrender to the Regional Electoral Court information and brings that occur, as well as the evidence concerning flaws and defects which may lead to the nullity."
Overcome the period referred to in the preceding paragraph, the Court shall, without speaking, all the background to the election qualifier Tribunal. "."

(7) replaced article 99, by the following: ' article 99.-without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding articles, electoral judicial instances should practice the corresponding criminal complaint, when facts or circumstances founding of claim revistieren characteristics of crime. ".

((8) amending article 117, in the following way: to) replace, in the first paragraph, the expression "judge of competent crime" by "Public Ministry".
(b) replaced, in the second paragraph, the phrase "and prior training of the initiation of the corresponding summary Act, will have" with "the judge of warranty, at the request of the Prosecutor, will have", preceded by a comma (,).

(9) replace, in the third paragraph of article 119, the phrase "to the judge of the competent crime" so you instruct the process to which there is a place for "to the public prosecutor, for the purposes to which there is place".

(10) replace, in the first paragraph of article 120, the phrase "The President shall seek the assistance of the force charged with maintaining law and order to put at the disposal of the judge of the crime," with the following: "President will report the fact to the force responsible for maintaining law and order, and seek your help to put at the disposal of the judge's warranty".

(11) replace, in the third paragraph of article 121, the expression "competent crime judge", by "to guarantee competent judge".

(12) replace, in article 122, the expression "competent judge" by "competent guarantee judge"; and, followed dot (.), add the following final sentence: "at the same time, will report the fact to the public prosecutor's Office.".

(13) replace, in article 130, the phrase "of the administration of the State or of the judiciary" with the following: "of the judiciary, public prosecutors or the administration of the State".

(14) delete, in the second paragraph of article 139, the phrase "who will appreciate the test, according to the rules of healthy criticism", and the comma (,) that precedes it.

(15) repeal articles 146, 147, 148 and 149.

(16) replace, in article 150, the expression "processed" by "charged".
(17) delete, in the first paragraph of article 157, the phrase "the judge of crime which correspond or turn in your case before".