Creates A Bonus To The Hiring Of Workforce In Regions I, Xv, Xi, Xii And Provinces Of Chiloé And Palena


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Article 1-establishment, starting from the 1st of |! | January of the year 2012 and until December 31 of the year |! | 2025, for current or future employers of the |! | First Region, 15th Region, the provinces of Chiloé |! | and Palena, in the X Region, Region XI and the |! | Region XII, an equivalent to the percentage bonus |! | that you have the following subsection, applied on |! | the part of taxable earnings than not |! | exceed $182.000, that they pay their workers |! | with domicile and permanent work, even those |! | with partial days, in the Region or province |! | respective. Starting in the year 2013, such amount is |! | Resets the day 1 January of each year, in accordance with |! | the variation of the index of prices to the consumer is |! | project for the annuity report issued to the |! | effect by the Central Bank of Chile.
The percentage referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be 17%.
This benefit shall be incompatible with that |! | Article 14 of law No. 18.392 set regarding |! | This subject, and must choose the employer |! | or another, within the period of twelve months of posted the |! | This law. If the employer does not exercise this option |! | within time, means that you opt for the benefit |! | Article 14 of law No. 18.392. In any case a |! | employer may receive both benefits |! | at the same time. The exercise of the option shall be |! | informed in the respective Regional Treasury.
Hurricanes of this bonus those |! | people hired as workers houses |! | individuals. Also, will be excluded from this benefit |! | the Public Sector, the large and medium copper mine |! | and iron, the companies in which the State or its |! | companies contribution or superior to 30% representation, |! | the mining companies that have contracted, directly or |! | indirectly, more than one hundred workers each, the |! | banking companies, financial companies, the |! | insurance companies, the companies that are dedicated to the |! | reductive fishing, fund managers of |! | pensions, social security health institutions, the |! | money exchange, sliding insurance undertakings, the |! | employers who receive bonus of Decree Law Nº |! | 701, 1974, and professionals and workers |! | independent. In case of persons hired by more |! | of an employer, the benefit may exercise only |! | with regard to one of them, who shall be, in case of |! | discrepancy, the oldest in the link |! | labor.
The bonus will be paid through the service of |! | Treasuries, being applicable provisions in |! | Article 61 of the law No. 18.768.
The Instituto de normalización Previsional and |! | Pension funds, shall inform |! | in the service of treasuries, through magnetic media |! | or electronic, the corresponding contributions to the |! | bonuses paid monthly per worker, to |! | more no later than the fifth working day of the following month to the of the |! | subscription to personal accounts.
Empower the Treasury service to perform |! | the payment of the bonus by deposit in the |! | checking of savings term or the eye than |! | own employer. Where the employer does not have |! | one of the listed accounts, said payment shall be |! | by check mailed to your |! | address, upon request to the service of treasuries.