It Establishes A Procedure Of Advertising For Administrative Formalities Related To The Construction


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"(Artículo único.-Modifíca_se el decreto con fuerza de ley Nº458, de 1975, Ley General de Urbanismo y Construcciones, de la siguiente manera: 1) added in article 4, the following new second subsection:"interpretations of the instruments of territorial planning issued Ministerial regional secretariats in the exercise of the powers mentioned in this article, only be governed from its notification or publication " , as applicable, and must be taken within the time limits indicated the General Ordinance. "."

(2) be replaced in article 116, the seventh subparagraph by the following: ' without prejudice to the above, may be subject to the approval of the Director of municipal works, blueprints of lots, building or estate. " The approved draft will keep in force with respect to all the urbanistic conditions of the respective instrument of territorial planning and standards of the General town planning and constructions seen in that Ordinance and to any approved, for the purposes of obtaining permission, for the period determined by the same Ordinance. "."

(3) add in article 116, the following eighth new subsection: "management of municipal works should display, at the main entrance to their offices, during the term of sixty days counted from the date of its approval or granting, a payroll with blueprints, subdivisions and permits referred to in this article. Shall also inform the Council and residents of the neighborhood unit corresponding joints and maintain, available to anyone who requires it, the complete background related to these approvals or permits. "."

((4) add the following article 116 bis C), new: "article 116 bis C.-approved a draft by the Director of municipal works or granted permission to subdivide, or a permit of construction, urbanization or change of destination of an existing building, the owner may inform the public about such administrative management, for which shall communicate in writing to management of municipal works which complies with the procedure of advertising that regulates this article."
The General Ordinance shall establish the form, term and conditions through which may inform the public, to the Council and boards of neighbors of the corresponding neighborhood unit of approval referred to in the preceding paragraph. Among these measures, the installation of a visible sign in the place of the work, the communication by writing to affected residents and the shall be considered through some mass media, such as radio or newspaper, according to the characteristics of the projects. In any case, you must contemplate, as a last step, the obligation to publish a notice in the official journal, which will be released to the community the essential characteristics of the activity concerned, which shall be presumed right known since the publication of the notice mentioned.
Within thirty days after the publication referred to in the preceding paragraph, the municipality, at the request of a party, will issue a certificate which no longer record that, until the date of its issue, have not entered claims nor been notified judicial resources that borne by the much-publicized management. "."