Modifies Provisions Of Law Nº19.281, Which Sets Rules On Lease Of Houses With Promise Of Sale


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"(Artículo único.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones a la Ley Nº 19.281, que establece normas sobre Arrendamiento de Viviendas con Promesa de Compraventa: 1) (amending article 41 bis, as follows: to) replace the first paragraph with the following:" article 41 bis.-in the case of leases with promise of sale with implementation of the housing subsidy, that the promised purchase price does not exceed that is designated in the regulation "" , the lessor promitente seller may ask the referee he knows the question of termination of the contract by non-payment of the contributions referred to in article 37, which order the sale of the property in a public auction. This resolution shall notify the SERVIU with a minimum advance of 30 days from the date of the auction. "."

(b) replace the third subparagraph by the following: "If left a credit balance, respective SERVIU will have preference over any other creditor to recover the amount of the allowance and if still be remnants, will compliance with other obligations which may be applicable in accordance with this law. The remainder, if any, lease in favour of the tenant promitente buyer. If it appears a balance against, respective SERVIU know the landlord promitente seller up to 100% of the outstanding amount, up to a maximum of 200 UF per operation. The respective regulation will establish percentages, procedures, conditions and procedures necessary so that appropriate responsibility of SERVIU in payment of the above-mentioned amounts, which will be carried out from the resources to be included annually in the budget. "."

((2) amended article 45, in the following way: to) Reemplazanse first and second, subparagraphs by the following: "article 45.-the holder of the account referred to in title I, which owns no other home and meets the requirements in the regulations, may apply for the housing subsidy that, for these purposes, will award the Ministry of housing and urban development" whose object shall be to contribute to finance the payment of the price for the sale of the housing as well as to solve costs of origination of the lease with promise of sale. However, you can not apply the subsidy to the situation referred to in the second paragraph of article 25.
This subsidy, expressed in Unidades de Fomento, pay all events to the beneficiary, or who purchased it for endorsement of such document in his favor, fractional shares periodic, equal and successive, with a maximum of up to 240 installments, or in a different mode, which, in any case, will be established in the corresponding call to application. "."

(b) delete the seventh paragraph.

(c) to be added as the last subparagraph, the following: "the housing subsidy may be granted through an endorsable instrument whose characteristics are determined by the Superintendency of securities and insurance, so that it can be traded in the formal stock market and can be purchased by institutional investors.".

(3) delete the second paragraph of article 47.

(4) repeal articles 48 and 49.

(5) replace article 50, with the following: "article 50.-the provisions of the first subparagraph of article 10 shall also apply to the funds corresponding to the monthly allowance, intended to be applied to the payment of the price for the sale of the House.".

(6) add, in article 53, then the separate dot (.), that happens to be comma (,), as follows: "which may not exceed ten thousand.". "."