Modifies The Law Nº 18.490 On Accident Insurance Of The Transit


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"Sole article.-Introducense the following modifications in the law No. 18.490: 1." Modify article 1 in the following manner: to) first replaced the second part of the paragraph with the following: "In addition, if the vehicle does not tell you with insurance by the personal and material damage caused on the occasion of a traffic accident, led vehicle will be encumbered with non-possessory pledge and will be put at the disposal of the respective court, respond by the compensation referred to in this law.".
(b) replace the second paragraph by the following: "this insurance shall not be required to transport vehicles and others with regard to existing rules on insurance under international conventions, case in which may be hired with national or foreign insurance companies who have representation in Chile or that have concluded agreements with them or with Chilean insurance companies.".

2 modify article 8 as follows: to) in the first subparagraph, introducense the following amendments: 1) add, after the words "insured vehicle", the first time it is mentioned, the expression "or their representatives".

((2) replacements terms "bound" by "obliged", and 3) the phrase "within the fifth day," shall be replaced by "within thirty days,".

(b) repeal of the second paragraph.
3. Add, to article 11, the following new second subsection: "Also, the insurer may be repeated against the owner of a vehicle who, not having valid insurance, had done so responsible for the payment of any amount in respect of the indemnities provided for in this law, without prejudice to civil liability which, ultimately, to determine the competent court.".
4 replace, in the second paragraph of article 12, the term "pedestrians or people not transported" by the phrase "pedestrians, not transported people or when it is not possible to establish in which vehicle traveled those affected".
5. stir in article 13, the following new second subsection: "receipt by the insurer of the supporting background of the payment of any compensation under this insurance will produce the interruption of the limitation period, although in his presentation some of the records referred to in article 30 has been issued.".
6 Add in the second paragraph of article 22, after the terms "traffic accident victim", the phrase "or family member or beneficiary referred to in this law".
7, add to article 24, the following third, new subsection: "for the purposes of this law, it will be considered equally to third are affected, the people transported in an uninsured vehicle that had intervened in an accident with an insured vehicle, with the exception of the owner of the uninsured vehicle.".

8 replace article 25 with the following: "article 25.-the personal accident insurance will guarantee the following compensation: 1. an amount equal to 300 units of promotion in the event of death;"

2. an amount equal to 300 units of promotion in the event of total and permanent disability;

3. an amount of up to 200 units of promotion in the event of partial permanent disability, and the final amount must be a proportion of the maximum compensation, according to the classification that is made in the policy to the effect, and 4. An equivalent amount of up to 300 units of promotion for expenses of hospitalization or care medical, surgical, dental, dentures, implants, pharmaceuticals and any other required for its rehabilitation. These 300 units of promotion is only for payment or co-pay costs outlined above.
Temporary disability of any kind will not be entitled to other compensation than indicated in number 4 of the preceding paragraph.
Attention medical, surgical and hospitalization expenses compensation may not exceed the amounts indicated the policy. "."
9 replace the second paragraph of article 26 by the following: "Shall not be deducted from the compensation that the sums paid by the insurer for hospitalization or medical, surgical or pharmaceutical care expenses you must pay in the event of total disability.".
10 insert in article 29, the following new second subsection, passing the current subsection second to be third: "such investigation or determining the nature and degree of disability referred to in the preceding article shall not exceed thirty days running since its presentation.".
11 be repealed the number 3 of article 34, passing the current numbers 4 and 5 to be 3 and 4, respectively.