Introduces Modifications To The Decree Law No. 1.263 Of 1975, Organic's Financial Management Of The State And Establishes Other Rules On Budgetary Management And Staff


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"(Artículo 1º.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones en el decreto ley Nº 1.263, de 1975: 1) add, in the third paragraph of article 9 °, then the separate point, which happens to be followed, the following paragraph:"For these purposes, maximum amounts of personnel that focus will include plant, freelance staff, hired to treated as such honorary degree and jornal in those services whose laws provide for this quality."."
(2) merge, in article 15, the following third paragraph: "in compliance with the obligations set out in the preceding paragraph, the direction of budgets will establish a system of administrative and financial information of general application to the organs and public service governed by the present Decree-Law; without prejudice to the powers which has the General Comptroller of the Republic. "."

(3) replace article 19 bis with the following: "article 19 bis.-contracts of studies for investment, execution of works and acquisition of materials and machinery, may be concluded so that they are completed or paid in longer than the budget year or subsequent to the term of the corresponding fiscal year. In these cases, may be carried out in the current budget year, partial charges of funds. The corresponding public service only liable for investments up to the concurrence of the funds that look for these purposes every year, in the respective budget.
For the provisions of the preceding paragraph, advances may be granted.
However, in contracts referred to in paragraph first, anyone who is its name, you can not agree the payment of all or part of its value or price within a period exceeding the budgetary exercise that should be contracted the study, project or work term, in a different way to the lessor of relating payments with the cash advance of the execution of the same , or any other form of deferred payment.
Pre-investment studies and programs or investment projects must have, as internal administration document, report of the Agency of national or regional planning in its case, which must be based on a technical economic assessment that analyzes profitability. The Ministry of Finance shall be responsible for providing instructions and resolve in this regard.
The approval of resources for studies and programmes or projects referred to in the preceding paragraph and the conclusion of the respective contracts, prior budgetary identification can only be made. Such identification shall be approved at the level of special, by decree or judgment assignments, as appropriate, in accordance with the rules that establish a regulation, emanated from the Ministry of finance, which will establish the contents of those passing instruments, including with regard to amounts by concept of spending, future commitments which can recover and maximum limits, the authorities empowered to sign them and other procedures and arrangements applicable to the effect.
Without limiting the foregoing, the enactment of the respective decrees or resolutions may be starting in the publication referred to in the following article and call for public proposals for studies and programs or projects that realise, since joining the General Comptroller of the Republic.
Once set the code and name of study, program, or project, in the aforementioned identification, these do not can be modified.
The budget ID to which this article refers shall not apply to the institutions referred to in the Decree Law No. 1570, 1976. "."

(4) replace the second paragraph of article 26 by the following: "Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, only by law may be authorised the transfer of funds between ministries, the transfer to different headings of the budget law of those resources which have previously been transferred from them to the Treasury public, contributions to the State enterprises, are public or joint-stock companies" not included in the law and the granting of fiscal contribution to municipalities.
Likewise, only by law be authorized the increase in lump sums of expenditure to the law of budgets set annually. For this purpose, the aforementioned law shall establish, according to the concepts that consider its structure and budgetary classifier in application, costs including in such global amounts, those who were hurricanes, and the margins of increase of non-financial capital expenditures that are exempted from legal authorization. "."
(5) delete, in paragraph first article 29 the phrase "or to other institutions or companies in the public sector".
(6) Agreganse, article 52, the following sub-paragraphs: "as provided in the preceding paragraph, annually shall be the assessment of the social, productive capacity and institutional development programs included in the budgets of public services to be determined by one or more decrees of the Ministry of finance, subject to the procedures, participating entities, frameworks and mechanisms to be established in the respective decrees. Likewise, bodies and public services governed by title II of the Act No. 18.575, must make and disseminate a report that includes an account of operational and economic management of the previous year, with the fulfillment of objectives, tasks and goals, according to the instructions provided by the Ministry of Finance annually.
Reports that are issued by the application of the two preceding subparagraphs, shall refer to both branches of the National Congress at the opportunity that is set in the decrees and respective instructions. "."