Regulates The Working Conditions And Recruitment Of Workers In Arts And Entertainment


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"Sole article.-Add in title II of book I of the code |! |" work, the following chapter IV, new, passing the current |! | Chapter IV to chapter v chapter IV of the contract for workers in arts and entertainment article 145-A-this chapter regulates the relationship of |! | work under dependence or subordination, among workers of |! | Arts and entertainment and his employer, which shall have a duration |! | determined, and can negotiate for a fixed term, by one or more |! | functions, by work, by season, or by project. Contracts of |! | work of indefinite duration shall be governed by the common rules of |! | This code.
Refers to arts and entertainment workers between |! | others, the actors of theater, radio, cinema, internet and TV; |! | folklorists; circus artists; animators of marionettes and puppets; |! | choreographers and dance performers, singers, directors and |! | musical performers; set designers, professionals, technicians and |! | cinematographic, audiovisual, wizards for performing arts of |! | design and Assembly; authors, playwrights, writers, screenwriters, |! | doblajistas, composers and, in general, people who, having |! | These qualities, working in circus, radio, theatre, television and film, |! | meeting recording or dubbing, film studios, centers |! | night or varieties or anywhere else where it is present, |! | project, pass, shoot or scan the image of the artist or |! | musician or where it is transmitted or is recorded voice or music, |! | by means of procedures electronic, virtual or otherwise, |! | and whatever the end to obtain, whether cultural, commercial, |! | advertising or other species.
In the case of the creation of a work, the employment contract, in |! | no case may affect freedom of creation of the artist |! | hired, without prejudice to their obligation to comply with the |! | services in the terms stipulated in the contract.
Article 145-B-in the case of contracts of employment by one or more |! | functions, by work, by season, or by project, duration |! | less than thirty days, the deed will be three-day |! | incorporated the worker. If the contract celebrare by a lapse |! | less than three days, must be in writing at the time of |! | start the services.
Article 145-C.-the provisions of the first paragraph of the article |! | 22 of this code shall not apply to covered workers in |! | This chapter IV. However, the ordinary working day of work not |! | exceed ten hours.
Article 145-D-arts and entertainment workers are |! | excepted the rest on Sunday and public holidays, and the employer must |! | grant a compensatory rest day in such cases by the |! | activities carried out in each of those days, apply to your |! | respect the provisions of article 36 of this code. Rest |! | referred to in that article will have a duration of thirty-three hours |! | continuous.
When you accumulate more than one rest day per week, the |! | Parties may agree on a special form of distribution or |! | compensation of days exceeding one weekly. In |! | the latter case, the remuneration may not be less than expected |! | in article 32 of this code.
Article 145-E-definition of the schedule and work plan |! | for each working day must be performed with sufficient |! | prior to the beginning of the respective services.
Article 145 - F-the employer must pay for or provide the |! | transportation, food and accommodation of the worker, in conditions |! | appropriate hygiene and safety, when works artistic or |! | projects are to be in a city other than that in which the |! | worker has his domicile.
Article 145-G-in the contracts of employment of less |! | to thirty days, compensation will be paid with the periodicity |! | stipulated in the contract of employment, but the periods to be |! | agree do not exceed term date.
Article 145-H.-when the employer run the artistic work or |! | project on behalf of another undertaking, whatever nature |! | legal contractual link, the provisions will apply in the |! | articles 64 and 64 bis of this code.
Article 145-I-use and commercial exploitation of the image of |! | workers in arts and entertainment, for different purposes to the |! | main purpose of the provision of services, on the part of its |! | employers will require their express authorization. As regards the |! | gains for workers, will be what is |! | specified in the individual contract or collective instrument, according to |! | appropriate.
Article 145 - J.-it may not, arbitrarily exclude to the |! | worker of Arts and spectacles of the corresponding trials or |! | other preparatory activities for the exercise of its |! | artistic activity.
Article 145-K-the intellectual property rights of the |! | authors and composers, artists, interpreters and performers, in any |! | case will be affected by the provisions contained in the |! | This chapter IV.