Modifies The Article 12 Of Law No. 18,525 And The Customs Tariff


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"Article 1.-replace article 12 of law No. 18,525 |! |" by the following: ' article 12.-specific rights establishment in dollars of |! | " the United States of America, by tariff unit and sales to the |! | amounts corresponding to pay ad valorem tariff duties |! | Customs, which may affect the importation of wheat, flour of |! | wheat and sugar, in the manner provided in this Act.

The amount of such rights and discounts will be fixed in the form |! | established in this article by the President of the Republic, |! | by Supreme Decree issued through the Ministry of finance, |! | under the formula "by order of the President of the Republic," six-times |! | for wheat for each annual period between the 16 of |! | December and 15 December of the following year, and twelve times for the |! | sugar for each annual period between December 1 and |! | 30 November of the following year, in terms that can be applied to the |! | price levels that reach the above products in the |! | international markets, will bring stability to the market |! | National.
For the determination of rights and sales until the |! | annual that ends the year 2007, will be considered values floor and |! | roof used for wheat and sugar, in the elaboration of the |! | exempt from the Ministry of Finance No. 266 and no. 268 decrees, |! | published in the official journal dated May 16, 2002, |! | expressed in FOB terms in dollars of the United States of America |! | per tonne. Rights must establish, on the one hand, |! | specific when the reference price is lower than the floor value |! | 128 dollars for wheat and $310 for sugar, and the |! | another, sales to the sums corresponding to pay for ad rights |! | valorem of the customs tariff, where the reference price is |! | greater than the value ceiling of $148 for wheat and $339 |! | for sugar.
For the determination of rights and discounts from the period |! | annual that ends in 2008 and up to the year 2014, values floor and |! | ceiling laid down in the foregoing paragraph, shall be adjusted annually |! | multiplying the current values in the previous annual period by the |! | factor 0,985 for wheat. In the case of sugar, these are |! | They shall establish by multiplying by the factor 0,980 until 2011 and |! | the factor 0.940 from the annual period ending in 2012.
The year 2014 the President will evaluate the modalities and |! | conditions of application of the system of price bands, |! | whereas the conditions of international markets, the |! | needs of the industrial, productive sectors and the |! | consumers, as well as the commercial obligations of our country |! | in force at that date.
Rights and reductions referred to in this article shall correspond |! | to the difference between the values certain floor or ceiling in the |! | preceding paragraphs and a price tag FOB, multiplied by the |! | (1) one factor over the ad valorem general valid for these tariff |! | products. The FOB price is made by the |! | average daily international prices of wheat, sugar |! | refined and raw sugar, recorded on the wholesale markets |! | relevance over a period of 15 days running for wheat and |! | a calendar month for sugar, both counted from that date |! | for each Decree set the rules.
Rights and sales to be determined for refined sugar |! | will be applied to goods which comply with the |! | requirements for grades 1 and 2 from the official Chilean standard NCh 1242 |! | National Institute of standardization. In the case of other |! | imports of refined sugar, the reference price determined |! | in accordance with the preceding paragraph, is the amount you subtracted |! | corresponding to 60% of the value of the existing refining premium, the |! | that will correspond to the difference between the prices of reference |! | calculated for refined sugar and raw sugar.
In the case of wheat flour, apply rights and |! | you rebates for wheat set multiplied by the factor of 1.56. |!| Rights and applicable discounts for each import operation, |! | they will be those in force on the date of the vehicle to manifest |! | transport for goods.
The rights resulting from the application of this article, |! | In addition to the ad valorem duty, may not exceed the tariff type |! | strengthened by Chile to the World Trade Organization for |! | the goods referred to in subsection first, whereas each |! | import operation individually and the basis of |! | calculating the CIF value of the goods covered by the respective |! | operation. The established reductions resulting from the application of |! | This article, in no case may exceed the sum corresponding |! | pay for ad valorem duty on the import of the |! | goods. The national customs service shall take measures |! | necessary to comply with the designated in this subsection.
The President of the Republic, by a Supreme Decree |! | issued through the Ministry of finance and signed, also by |! | the Minister of agriculture, shall establish, in accordance with the designated |! | in this article, the times of enactment and implementation periods |! | the specific rights and sales to the tariff. Also, will establish the markets of greatest relevance for each product, the |! | procedures and timelines for the calculation of reference prices and |! | other methodological factors that are necessary for the application |! | of the present article."