Enables Advances To The Common Municipal Fund In Cases That Indicates And Amends Decree Law Nº 3.063, 1979, On Municipal Income


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"Article 1.-empowering Treasury service |! |" so, only once during the year 2004, perform |! | advances charged to participation corresponding to |! | municipalities in the Municipal pool, by a |! | total amount of up to M$ 5,000,000.-with regard to |! | those municipalities administered directly |! | or through corporations, establishments |! | educational transferred pursuant to decree with |! | force of law Nº 1-3.063, 1979, of the Ministry of the |! | Inside, they themselves recorded debts or their |! | corporations, by concept of allocation of |! | teaching improvement, payable April 30 of |! | 2003, professionals of the education which are |! | they play in the above-mentioned establishments, with the |! | to facilitate the settlement of such debts, de |! | According to the rules listed in the numbers |! | (siguientes: 1) for designated purposes, within the period of |! | ninety days from the date of publication of the |! | This law, the concerned municipality should |! | sign an agreement with the Secretariat for development |! | Regional and administrative of the Ministry of the Interior.
To do so, within thirty days of the term |! | referred to earlier, the municipality must submit to |! | the Undersecretary mentioned history than this |! | required to qualify the relevance of subscription |! | of the respective agreement.
If the administration of the education service is |! | effected through a municipal corporation, the |! | municipality must, in turn, sign a Convention |! | with the respective Corporation or attend also to the |! | agreement established by the present law, |! | for the purposes of ensuring compliance of the |! | objectives and obligations assumed both the municipality |! | as the Corporation.
(2) in the agreement that is signed with the |! | Secretariat for Regional and administrative development is |! | they remember the amounts that will anticipate and quotas in |! | that advances will be reinstated to the common fund |! | Municipal, as also the obligations to acquire the |! | municipality for its proper performance. The Convention is |! | you submit to the approval of the City Council and |! | general legal regulations governing to the |! | municipalities, except in regulated by standards |! | Special that contemplates this body of law, and will contain |! | How many clauses are necessary to fulfill |! | the objective of this law.
The municipality respective, either |! | directly or through the relevant Corporation, |! | It shall be obliged to apply the advance amounts, |! | immediately and in full, to the payment of the |! | assignment due processing and ensure |! | the continuity of your regular payment.
With respect to those municipalities that do not pay |! | timely allocation of improvement than |! | appropriate or not complying with proper conventions |! | payment made under this Act, service of |! | Treasuries shall deduct the outstanding amount of the |! | advances granted under this Act of the |! | following the common Municipal Fund remittance and, if them |! | are not sufficient, the amounts corresponding |! | perceived by the territorial tax levy.
The service of treasuries and US Deputy Secretary of |! | Regional and administrative development run few |! | operations may be necessary to perform the transfer and |! | the reinstatement of these resources.
(3) for the determination of the amount of resources |! | the common Municipal Fund reimbursed to the |! | applicant municipalities, the Undersecretary of |! | Regional and administrative development considered, |! | mainly: the percentage of the debt that the |! | municipality is willing to play according to |! | their financial availability; actions |! | made to generate resources aimed to the |! | solution of the respective debt allocation of |! | improvement, such as the sale of assets |! | municipal or the reallocation of funds; the existence |! | of other payment agreements in force; and, finally, the |! | order of presentation of subscription requests |! | of conventions.
For the above purposes, the Undersecretary |! | you will use an indicator of financial capacity of the |! | municipalities seekers, contrasting the margin |! | available from its own revenue, previously |! | deducted from these operational expenses and |! | transfers, with respect to the amount of the total liabilities |! | that the municipality has at the time of the calculation of |! | This indicator. Income and liabilities information |! | payable shall be certified by the respective |! | municipality.
In this way, acting Undersecretary for |! | those municipalities whose capacity indicator |! | Finance is in a range between zero (0) and one |! | (1), if the debtor municipality will attend to the service of the |! | debt within a period of up to two years or in one superior to |! | two years, with a maximum of four. In the latter case, |! | the respective agreement should, in addition, be endorsed by the |! | Management of budgets of the Ministry of finance.
(4) the resources received by the municipality by |! | implementation of this law will be reinstated to the |! | Background common Municipal, from the sixth month of |! | having received, without interest or penalties, in installments |! | successive, that they will be discounted by the service de |! | Treasuries of corresponding to the mentioned remittances |! | Background, and if they are not sufficient, the amounts |! | matching you to perceive the municipality by |! | collection of the territorial tax.
The agreed quotas will reset according to the |! | variation that, between the date of delivery of resources |! | and the reinstatement of the respective fee, experiences the |! | The determined consumer price index by the |! | National Institute of statistics, as it set |! | in the same agreement.