Modify The Organic Law Of Municipalities In Order To Clarify Or Correct Rules On The Electoral Process


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"Sole article.-Introducense the following modifications in the law No. 18.695, organic constitutional municipalities, the revised, coordinated and systematized and updated text was set by the decree with force of law Nº 1-19.704, 2002 of the Ministry of the Interior: 1. the second paragraph of article 57 shall be replaced by the following:"to be candidate for mayor is must provide proof have completed the teaching medium or its equivalent and comply with the other requirements set out in article 73 of the present " law. "."

2 Introducense the following modifications in article 74.

a) Reemplazanse in the header of the article 74 the expressions "at Councillors." by "mayor or Councillor."

((b) replace the final paragraph of the letter c) by the following: "Not eligible to Mayor or Councillor persons who are convicted by crime or simple offence that disturbing worth.".

3 first insert, then the end point of the subsection of article 75, which happens to be followed, the following sentence: "in the event that these last professionals play at the same time the office of Councillor, the Mayor must respect autonomy in the exercise of the functions of the Councillors, especially the Faculty of control.".

4.-incorporated in the letter to) article 79, then the semicolon (;), which happens to be comma (,), the following sentence: "for this purpose the Councillor shall prove comply with the requirements specified in the second paragraph of article 57;".

5.-Introducense the following changes in section 107: to) replace the final sentence of the first subsection, which comes after the second followed by the following point: "Mayor and Councillor nominations are mutually exclusive. One person can only apply for the position of mayor or Councillor at a single commune. "."

(b) replace the second paragraph by the following: "each statement must be accompanied by a sworn testimony of the respective candidate, in which it claims to comply with all the requirements required by articles 73 and 74. This Declaration recorded the name, identity card and address Electoral administrator and General Electoral administrator, if necessary. This affidavit shall be made before a notary public. It may also be before the officer of the registry office corresponding to the commune. The falsity of any of the events aseverados in the Declaration, or their omission, produces the nullity of the Declaration of that candidate and all its effects legal post, including his election. "."

(c) replacements, in the third paragraph, its first two sentences with the following: "in the event that a mayor postulare re-election or his election as councillor in your own community, will proceed with its subrogation in accordance with first of article 62, from 30 days prior to the date of election and until the next day it.".

6.-amending article 107 bis follows: to) replace your subsection first by the following: "nominations Mayor may be declared by a political party, by a Covenant of parties, a pact between a party political and independent, by a Covenant of parties and independent and independent.".

(b) replace, in its second paragraph, the expression "sponsored" by "declared".

7.-Introducense the following modifications in article 110: to) replace your subsection first by the following: "to covenants and subpactos bears them only his name and to each of the political parties subscribers with its name and symbol, indicating the complete names of the candidate to Mayor or, where appropriate, of the candidates then Councillors affiliated to the respective party." In the case of statements of political parties, they identify with their name and symbol. "."

(b) replace the second paragraph by the following: "in the case of the independent to be part of a Pact is les bears at the end of the respective Pact, under the"independent"designation. The independent which, in turn, form part of a subpacto, be them bear in the same way at the end of the respective subpacto. "."