Modifies The Law Nâ ° 19.884, On Transparency, Limit And Control Election Spending


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"(Artículo 1º.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones a la ley Nº 19.884, sobre transparencia, límite y control deel gasto electoral: 1) (amended the second paragraph of article 2, as follows: to) replace the sentence"Shall be considered as election expenses"by the following:"Only will be considered election expenses"."
((b) replace the letter f) with the following: "f) the cost of endorsements and interest on credits received for the election campaign, earned up to the date that is given compliance with provisions in subsection first article 41.".

(2) replacements paragraphs third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh article 14, by the following: "the quantities indicated in the paragraph first will be paid directly by the Treasury, within five days following the registration of candidatures in the records referred to in articles 19 of Act No. 18.700, and 115 of the decree with force of law Nº 1-19.704 to parties and independent candidates out of the Covenant that corresponds.
Received sums it must account documented by general election administrators or by electoral administrators, in the case of independent candidates, in accordance with the rules laid down in title III of this law. "."

(3) merge the following article 14 bis: "article 14 bis.-candidates may endorse invoices from their suppliers to their respective parties or any financial institution or service provider, provided that this occurs subsequent to the Declaration of candidacy. These endorsements should be given to the Electoral service, and will be paid preferably in accordance with the procedure referred to in the final paragraph of the following article. "."

(4) adding, in article 15, the following final paragraph: "the sums referred to in the previous paragraph will be directly paid to political parties or independent candidates or by payment of the unpaid bills that they or those submitted to the General Treasury of the Republic, at the choice of those"..

(5) enter the following article 15 bis: "article 15 bis.-If by application of the provisions of the third paragraph of the previous article will stay a remnant of return that the candidate may not perceive any cause, these remnants will be the party that any declared candidate, up to an amount corresponding to the costs that the party has actually incurred.".

((6) amended article 21, in the following manner: to) Insert the following new second subsection: "monthly contributions whose amount, by income, either to twenty units of building and less than a hundred units of promotion will have the character of reserved, and will apply to its respect as provided in article 19, the service, for these purposes, do transfers accounts indicating the respective treasurers of political parties.".

(b) replace, in the fifth paragraph, that happened to be the sixth paragraph, the phrase "The collection of the contributions referred to in this article" for "The collection of contribution to which this article refers, and which have no reserved character,".

(7) add the following article 21 bis: "article 21 bis.-contributions received political training institutes registered political parties before the election, will be public whenever they exceed 100 unidades de fomento monthly by each contributor.
The monthly contributions whose amount, by income, is exceeding twenty units of building and less than a hundred units of building will have the character of reserved, and will apply to its respect as provided in article 19, the Electoral service, for these purposes, do transfers accounts indicating the representatives of the respective Institute.
Collection of contributions referred to in this article, and that they have no reserved character, will be made directly to the Institute for political training that corresponds, giving receipt of them. Receipts will be issued in the form established in the sixth paragraph of the preceding article.
For the purposes of this article, each party may enter only a political Training Institute. "."

(8) added in the second paragraph of article 30, prior to the final point and after the words "political party", the expression "or agreement".

(9) in the first paragraph of article 37, replaced the expression "or" by a comma (,) and merge then the word "removal" the following phrase: "or reject the nomination by the Electoral service in the cases referred to in article 34 of this law.".

(10) replace, in article 43, the term "fifth" by "fifteenth".