Amends Act No. 19.123, Repair Bill, Expanding Or Establishing Benefits For People That Indicates


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"(Artículo primero.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones en la ley Nº 19.123: 1) replaced all articles of this law, the expression"legitimate children"by"sons of matrimonial filiation"and expressions"natural children"and"illegitimate children"with"children of non marital filiation"."

((2) in article 20: to) replace in your paragraph first the expression "when one fails", by "when one fails, give up or dies", followed by a comma.
(b) delete, in its first paragraph, the sentence "they are legitimate, natural, adopted or illegitimate they are in cases referred to in paragraphs 1 °, 2 ° and 3 ° of article 280 of the Civil Code.".
((c) add, in (b)) of the fifth subsection, then the expression "alien", the phrase "you give up or die," preceded by a comma (,).
((d) replace, in the letter c) in the fifth subparagraph, the figure "15%" by "40%".

(3) add, in article 29, the following final paragraph: "the effective use of this right and its extinction will be subject of a regulation. This will be issued through the Ministry of the Interior and shall also be signed by the Ministers of education and finance, will consult, among other matters, the procedure of application and payment of the benefit, the limits to the application of benefit and continuity of studies financing conditions. "."

(4) Agreganse, then of article 31, the following articles 31 bis and 31 ter: "article 31 bis.-the benefits established in this title may extend up to an additional period of one semester, with respect to those races which have a term of less than five semesters, and up to an additional period of two semesters, with respect to those careers that have a duration equal to or greater than five semesters.
Referral benefits will extend until one year after completed studies of higher education, when it is necessary to obtain the corresponding title, because it should surrender an examination of degree or master's degree or a report for approval.
Article 31 ter-the benefits referred to in the preceding article shall have an annual duration of ten months and they may be granted again for school next year, if the beneficiary requests its renovation complying with requirements that will establish a regulation to the effect.
To renew the benefits, higher education students must prove by a certificate issued by the respective education establishment, the minimum academic performance allowing them to continue their studies.
The payment of tuition and monthly tariff referred to in article 30 shall be granted to finance expenditure on studies of a single race. The interested party can change career once.
Requests from applicants or renovantes of secondary education and above should be made on the dates set out in the annual calendar of the process, prepared by the Secretariat Executive of the program scholarship President. "."