Amends Act No. 18.290, Of Transit, In Order To Allow The Recognition Of Driving Licences Issued Overseas


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"(Artículo único.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones en la ley Nº 18.290: 1.-Modifíca_se el artículo 5º de la siguiente forma: a) replaced, in its first paragraph, the phrase"or a document spread abroad and valid in Chile under treaties or agreements international."by" or a license or valid international permit for driving motor vehicles, awarded on the basis of treaties or international agreements to which Chile is a party. "."
(b) Agreganse the following second and third subparagraphs new, passing current subparagraphs second and third to be fourth and fifth, respectively: "nationals of other countries that remain as tourists in Chile, may drive a motor vehicle during the period of the respective authorization for tourism, porting the existing driver's license issued according to the laws of your country that it is equivalent to the license No professional class B referred to in article 12.
In use of its powers the competent court may require the presentation of an official translation of the foreign license. "."

2.-amending article 53, in the following way: to) the expression "certificate" shall be replaced by "permission".

(b) incorporate the following new second subsection: "national entities that obtained international recognition, in accordance with the Geneva Convention on traffic road, enacted by Supreme Decree No. 485, on August 30, 1960, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must register with the Ministry of transport and telecommunications and will be empowered to grant international permits that enable to drive abroad.".

3.-amending article 54, in the following way: to) add in your paragraph first, then the word "license" the expression "or permission".
(b) Insert the following new second subsection passing the current subsection second to be third: "motor vehicles having foreign registration and who enter temporary or temporarily the country, unless applicable rules on insurance are by virtue of conventions or international agreements, should insurance that covers, at least, characteristics, coverage and compensation of the established by law Nº 18.490. In addition, they may require a civil liability insurance. These insurances must contract with Chilean insurance companies or foreign having agreements with national insurance companies. If these vehicles intervinieren in the traffic accidents, Carabineros de Chile shall withdraw the provisional or temporary entry of vehicle documentation, issued by the national customs service, to deliver it to the Court or competent public prosecutor's office, as appropriate. The Ministry of transport and telecommunications, report of the Superintendency of securities and insurance, will establish the origin of the license plates of vehicles that must hire designated insurance and its characteristics, coverage, compensation and other technical matters that are relevant. "."
(c) replace in your second paragraph, which went on to be third, the phrase "international in case of proven inability to its owner" by "or international permit in case of checking any contravention of its holder to transit or transportation regulations issued by the Ministry of transport and telecommunications". "."