Grants A Special Reset Pensions Lower And Modifies Other Laws That Will Indicate


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"Article 1.-grant, from the 1st day of the month following the entry into force of article 7 of this law, extraordinary adjustment of 10% to health care pensions of Decree Law No. 869 of 1975, to minimum pensions of articles 24, 26 and 27 of the law N ° 15.386 and article 39 of the law N ° 10.662 and pension schemes administered by the Instituto de normalización Previsional pensions and" Forecast boxes and law N ° 16.744 insurance pensions, the amount as of the date does not exceed $100,000 per month.
Those pensions pension schemes administered by the Instituto de normalización Previsional and forecast banks and pensions insurance act Nº 16.744, whose monthly amount on the date indicated in the preceding paragraph is greater than $100,000, but less than $110,000, will increase to this last amount.
Persons who are beneficiaries of more than one pension, shall be entitled to the adjustment granted in paragraph first, to the extent that the sum of their pensions and bonuses of law N ° 19.403, 19.539 and 19.953, if they have them, not to exceed $100,000 per month. In the event that the sum of pensions and subsidies concerned exceeds said amount, but less than $110,000 per month, they will be entitled to pension greater amount to be increased by the amount necessary to reach the ultimate given value altogether. If a pension is minimum, this and the above bonuses, if any, they will be reset in the percentage designated in subsection first; and if the sum of the amounts adjusted over the other or other pensions proves less than $110,000, the other pension or most of the others, it will be increased by the amount necessary to reach this last value.
Reset and increases referred to in this article shall apply without prejudice of the automatic adjustments that apply in accordance to article 10 of the law N ° 18.611, article 14 of the Decree Law N ° 2.448 and article 2 of Decree Law No. 2547, both from 1979.