Modifies The Law Nâ ° 19.537, About Real Estate Ownership To Facilitate The Organization And Management Of Housing Condominiums Social


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Sole article.-Introducense the following modifications in law Nº 19.537, about real estate ownership: to) Insert, in subparagraph first item 8 °, between the expressions "master plan" followed by a dot (.) and "Parking", the following sentence: "However, the condos of social housing referred to in title IV of this law must have, at least, with a parking lot for every two units for housing.".

(b) add, in the second paragraph of article 9, the following final sentence: "provisions of this subsection shall not apply in the case of condominiums of social housing referred to in title IV of this law.".

(c) add, in the fifth paragraph of article 17, the following number 11: "11. Auto financed programs of condominiums and associations with third parties for these purposes. "."

(d) Insert, in subparagraph first article 18, between the expressions "Administration" followed by a comma (,) and "with an anticipation", the phrase "or the City Clerk case of social housing condominiums", followed by a comma (,).

(e) Insert, in article 21, between the phrases "Management Committee composed," at least three people followed by a comma (,) and "will have the representation", as follows: "unless the number of co-owners is less", followed by a comma (,).

(f) replace, in article 29, the sentence "the first regulation of co-ownership will be dictated by the natural or legal person owner of the condominium" by the following: "the first regulation of co-ownership will be dictated by the natural or legal person owner of the condominium, taking into consideration the characteristics of the condominium. It shall contain the specific terms for the various aspects referred to in article 28 ".

((g) added, in article 33, the following letter d), becoming the current e): "d) summon Assembly of joint owners to proceed to choose the Management Committee in the cases that has not. Citation to Assembly shall be notified by registered letter, according to a payroll that must be put at the disposal of the Court by the co-owners representing, at least, five percent of the rights in the condominium.
However, for social housing condominiums, the judge may be available to an officer of the Court or of the respective municipality notified the citation to Assembly through the delivery of the latter to any adult person who finds in the address of the owner or through its fixation on the door of that place, according to a roster of owners that it must be provided by who requested the summons. For this purpose, the judge may ask conservative real estate competent to complement the payroll with respect to those units whose owners were not identified, according to existing registrations of domain. Also available to an officer of the Court or of the respective municipality to play as a Minister of faith. "."

((h) amended article 39 in the following way: 1) Insert, between the expressions "Social housing condominiums" and "will you be governed", the phrase "you can not have more than 150 housing units,".

(2) add the following second paragraph: "Will be considered social housing condominiums those sets that are constituted mainly by social housing.".

"((((((i) modify article 41 in the following way: 1) Agreganse, in the second paragraph, the following letters e), f) and g), new, replacing the letters c) and (d)), semicolon (;) the conjunction"and"and the comma (,), above it, and the final dot (.), respectively", "e) in programs of maintenance, improvement and expansion of the condominium units;
((f) in support of the programs of self-financing of the condominiums referred to in number 11 of article 17, and g) in training programmes for the members of the Committee of Directors and administrators, relating to matters inherent to the exercise of such charges. "."

(2) add the following third paragraph: "In addition, social housing condominiums may apply for programmes financed with fiscal resources in the same conditions as the boards of neighbors, community-based organizations, sports organizations and other entities of a similar nature.".

((j) amend article 42 in the following way: 1) Insert, in the first paragraph, between the word "The" and the phrase "Services of housing and urbanization", the expression "regional Governments, municipalities and the".
(2) delete, in the second paragraph, the phrase "and may not exceed the term of performance of their appointment six months" followed by a dot (.) and the comma (,) that it be replaced by a period (.).
(3) Insert, in the third paragraph, between the word "of the" and the phrase "Service of housing and urbanization", the expression "Regional Government, the municipality or the".

(k) add the following article 46 bis: "article 46 bis.-actions to be carried out the condos of social housing in accordance with this law shall be exempt from payment of customs duties that apply to notaries, real conservative roots and archivists." For these purposes, the quality of social housing condominium will be credited by a certificate issued by the corresponding municipal construction management. Also the requirement that a notary to intervene in these proceedings shall be accomplished if you participate in them, as a Minister of faith, the respective municipal clerk or the competent civil registry officer. "."

1) incorporate the following article 46 ter: "article 46 ter-condominiums referred to in this title, the corresponding municipality will be forced to act as out-of-court mediation, in accordance with the provisions of article 35, and provide its advice to the Organization of the joint owners." For these purposes, the municipality may conclude agreements with public or private institutions. "."