Modifies The Code Work, With Regard To The Admission To Employment Of Minors And The Fulfilment Of School Obligation


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Sole article.-Introducense the following amendments to the labour code: 1. Article 13, be replaced by the following: "article 13.-for the purposes of labor laws, they are considered to be older, and over the age of eighteen may freely contract their services."
Children under eighteen years of age and older than fifteen may conclude labour contracts only to perform light work which does not harm their health and development, provided that they have express permission of the father or mother; in the absence of them, of the grandfather or grandmother, paternal or maternal; in the absence of these, the guardians, persons or institutions taken in charge the child, or in the absence of all of the above, of the inspector of the respective work. In addition, previously, they must prove having completed their secondary education or be currently studying it or basic education. In these cases, the work must not hinder their regular attendance and participation in educational or training. Children under eighteen who are currently pursuing their basic education or Media may not develop work by more than thirty hours a week during the school year. Any children under eighteen years of age may work more than eight hours a day. At the request of a party, the Provincial Directorate of education or the respective municipality, must certify the conditions geographic and transport a minor worker should access their basic education or media.
The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall apply in respect children under fifteen years, qualified situations in which allows its hiring in entertainment and artistic activities that articles 15, second paragraph, and 16 refer.
The labour inspector who has authorized the minor in the case of the preceding subparagraphs, will be the background knowledge of the family court that matches, which will rescind the authorization if inconvenient deems it for the worker.
Granted the authorization, shall apply to the minor rules of article 246 of the Civil Code and shall be considered fully capable to exercise the corresponding actions.
The authorization required in the second subparagraph shall not apply to married women, who shall govern in this respect as provided for in article 150 of the Civil Code.
A regulation of the Ministry of labour and Social Security, following a report from the Directorate of labour, will determine the activities considered to be hazardous to the health and development of children eighteen years that prevent, therefore, conclude contracts of work in accordance with the preceding subparagraphs, shall update this list every two years.
Companies that hire the services of under eighteen years of age, shall register such contracts in the respective communal labour inspection. "."

2. replace the second paragraph of article 15, by the following: "May, however, complying with the provisions of the second paragraph of article 13, Act on those shows minors who have express authorization of their legal representative and the respective family court.".

3. replace article 16, by the following: ' article 16.-in cases duly qualified, complying with the provisions of the second paragraph of article 13 and with the authorization of their legal representative or of the respective family court, you can afford children under fifteen years concluded employment contracts with persons or organizations dedicated to the theatre, cinema " , radio, television, circus or other similar activities. "."

4. Add, in article 18, the following third, new subparagraph: "Minors mentioned in this article, they shall apply provisions of the second paragraph of article 13.".