Grants Incentive Linked To The Integral N Evaluacia The Quality Of The On Education N Preschool And Other Benefits For The Staff Of The National Board Of Kindergartens


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"Sole article.-replace the thirtieth article |! |" quarter of the law Nº 19.882, by the following: "article thirty fourth.-established, counting |! |" January 1, 2007, an annual incentive performance |! | for officials of the Junta Nacional de Jardines |! | Children's plant and contract, including the |! | alternates, in relation to the results obtained in the |! | Integral quality assessment process of the |! | Early childhood education.

The process of Integral quality assessment of |! | early childhood education will take place every two years, |! | through the application of an assessment instrument to |! | the educational units of the Junta Nacional de Jardines |! | Children's.

For the implementation of the evaluation instrument is |! | they will hire the services of an external institution than |! | have the technical capacity to carry out |! | these evaluation processes, according to the |! | methodological criteria fixed by the regulation.

The educational units of the National Board of |! | Kindergartens will be sorted, for purposes of this |! | benefit, in the following sections diminishing, in |! | relationship with the comparative results of the process of |! | evaluation: first stage: 40% of the educational units as |! | they have obtained the best comparative results in the |! | evaluation process.

Second segment: the next 25% of units |! | educational.

Third installment: 20% following units |! | educational.

Fourth tranche: the remaining 15% of the units |! | educational.

They will also be entitled to this incentive the |! | officials from plant and contract, including the |! | alternates, performing its functions in the direction |! | National and regional directorates. For these |! | effects, officials of the National Directorate, are |! | They shall be considered part of the Regional Directorate |! | Metropolitan and the officials who work in |! | semi face-to-face programs, shall be considered part of the |! | Respective Regional direction. For the purposes of the |! | fixing of the sections referred to in subsection |! | above, with respect to these addresses shall be a |! | Payroll, in decreasing order, on the basis of the |! | results obtained, on average, by units |! | education in the respective region.

This benefit will be paid in three equal installments in |! | the months of may, August and November each year.

However, the staff where the |! | referral incentive and stop providing services, will have |! | right to this benefit is paid in proportion to |! | the full months actually worked.

This incentive will not serve as calculation basis for |! | no other compensation or legal benefit. You will need |! | taxable and tax character for purposes of forecasting |! | and health. To determine taxes and impositions to |! | that is affection, the amount distributed in |! | proportion to the months covering the period |! | applicable and the cuocientes will be added to the |! | respective monthly remuneration. However, the |! | taxes will be deducted from the part which, added to the |! | respective monthly remuneration, does not exceed of the |! | maximum limit of taxation.

The staff to which this article applies shall be |! | the right to a non-taxable bonus intended to |! | offset deductions in respect of contributions |! | for pensions and health that it is affection the incentive, |! | the amount is the result of applying the following |! | percentages on the value of this incentive, depending on |! | the system or pension scheme membership of the |! | (trabajador: a) 20.5% for the Decree system |! | Law No. 3,500 of 1980.

(b) 25.62% for affiliates to the general regime of |! | the former national case of public employees and journalists, |! | Section public employees.

(c) 21.62% for affiliates to the pension regime |! | former public employees national box and |! | (Periodistas, con rebaja de imposiciones de la letra a) |! | Article 14 of the decree with force of law No. 1.340 |! | bis, 1930.

To the staff member of a system or regime |! | pension other than those listed, such bonus |! | It will be equivalent to the sum of contributions for |! | health care and pensions that, with respect to the referred |! | incentive, matches you make the worker. This |! | compensatory bonus shall be calculated according to the |! | taxation limits set by legislation |! | force and the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

A regulation issued by the Ministry of |! | Education and, in addition, signed by the Minister of |! | Treasury, will define the assessment tool, the |! | criteria, procedures and weighting factors of |! | evaluation; procedure for the award of the |! | benefit; mode for the determination of the amount |! | annual incentive that each official will perceive |! | beneficiary in accordance with the establishment that belong; |! | as well as any other necessary adjustments to the |! | proper payment of this benefit.

The incentive that is this article just be |! | granted up to the amount of financial resources |! | beholder for this purpose the law of budgets |! | each year. That amount shall be equal to the result |! | apply the percentages listed below |! | on the budget allocated to the financing of the |! | total of taxable remuneration of the National Board |! | of kindergartens, referred to in the laws of |! | respective budgets: percentage 2007 3.5 year 2008% 5.5% 2009 7.3% to starting from the year 2010 this percentage will be of a |! | 9.0%.