Modifies The Dfl 1 (G) Of 1997 And Sets Standards Of Adjustment For Staff Delivering That Indicates Of The Armed Forces


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"(Artículo 1º.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones en el decreto con fuerza de ley N° 1, de 1997, de la Subsecretaría de Guerra, que fija el Estatuto deel Personal de las Fuerzas Armadas: 1) replace the letter d) Article 151 by the following:"d) as heads of mission or members of missions within the framework of the United Nations or of missions established in conformity with existing international treaties of which Chile is a party. " These committees may meet as part of a unit or contingent, as an expert or an individual observer, or in another category that the United Nations system or the treaties establish. "."

(((2) incorporated in article 151 the following letter e) new, becoming the current letter f): "e) as heads of mission or members of missions requested by the respective Governments, universities, foundations, or foreign or international organizations.".

((3) replaced into the letter n) article 185 figure "16.5%" by "55.4%" figure.

((4) Agreganse in article 189 the following letters h) e i), new: "h) effective pilot: staff grade of Lieutenant to Lieutenant-Colonel in the army and its equivalent in the Navy and air force, which find in possession of the title of army pilot or Naval Aviation from war pilot and who habitually effectively and master this specialty" you are paid a bonus up to 50% of base pay in possession, i.e., of his base pay and higher wages.
This bonus will not be considered for the calculation of the allocation of area and will be compatible with bonuses set in article 186, letters e) and f), when appropriate, and with all the perks of this article.

(i) of specialists in mountain, commands, and divers: staff that taking specialty mountain, commands or diver, and that they effectively and main desempeñaren this specialization in effective use of force units, up gratification are paid to 30% of salary in possession, i.e. of its salary base and higher salaries.
The payment of this bonus will be materialized through the annual enactment of a decree of the Ministry of defence, by establishing units, staffing and the number of beneficiaries. This Decree shall have, in addition, the signature of the Minister of finance.
(This assignment shall not be considered for the calculation of area assignment, will be compatible with all bonuses established in subparagraphs b) and (c)) with all the perks of this article and article 186. "."

((5) replace the letter b) article 198 by the if-following: ' b) (staff embarked on Navy ships referred to in letter e) Article 151, out of their wages in national currency to be entitled in the country, will enjoy a monthly allowance in dollars equivalent to 35% of the remuneration that you would be perceived abroad in accordance with article 196. "
Additionally, and during the days that the vessel remains in the foreign port, such personnel are paid 75% of the allocation in cost of living referred to in the corresponding article 197, calculated for these purposes on the basis of the 35% before mentioned. "."

(((6) incorporated in article 198 the following letter e) new, becoming the current letter f): "e) staff commissioned abroad to participate in peace operations in the terms described by the law Nº 19.067, and its subsequent amendments, and who meets such secondment, as part of a unit or contingent that covers all expenses for its maintenance abroad" , you are paid during the period to serve outside the national territory, the monthly salary in dollars due in accordance with article 196 and, Additionally, the equivalent to 75% of the monthly allocation of cost of living established in article 197. "."