Modifies The Law Nâ ° 19.983 In Order To Facilitate The Factorizacia N Of Invoices By Os Small And Medium Entrepreneurs


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"Sole article.-Introducense the following amendments in the law No. 19.983, which regulates the transfer and Executive gives a copy of the invoice: 1. adding, in article 3, the following new second subsection:"Will be enforceable to assignees of an irrevocably accepted invoice, personal exceptions that have been able to oppose to sellers of the same.""

2 in article 4: a) add, in (b)), then of the separate dot (.), which happens to be followed dot (.), the following sentence: "the full name entered in the event of receipt in the event that it omits, tax only role or place of residence of the purchaser or recipient of the service, shall be presumed to are those who are entered on the invoice. If it omits entered the grounds of delivery, shall be presumed delivered in the address of the purchaser or beneficiary of the service designated in the Bill. "."

(b) replace your final paragraph by the following: "is prohibited any agreement, Convention, provision or action of any nature that limit, restrict or prohibit the free movement of credit stating in an invoice. It is also prohibited the retention, destruction, rendering inoperative or concealment of the transferable copy of the invoice, as well as the non-delivery of the receipt referred to in point (c)) of article 5. In the event of infringement, the Court of local police corresponding to the domicile of the offender apply compensation in favour of the applicant, by an amount equivalent to two and up to five times the value of the Bills subject to the infringement. Affected himself, any interested party, and associations guilds or other representing employers of any type, provided that they have legal personality, may initiate legal action aimed at the application of this penalty, which will be known by the Court in accordance with the provisions of law No. 18.287. For purposes of the perception of compensation, the applicant concerned will prefer to anyone interested and this, if I had committed economic interest prior to the claim, the concerned associations. "."

3 modify the letter c) of the first subparagraph of article 5, in the form indicated: a. Suprimense terms ", the full name, tax unique role and place of residence of the purchaser or recipient of the service".

b remove your fourth paragraph.

4. replace article 6 ° by the following: and (d) of the preceding article, in cases in which they must issue it in accordance with the law. ".". "