Introduces Modifications To Ca I Say Criminal, At The Regulácia N Of Certain Offences Against The Directors N Pa Public


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"(Artículo único.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones en el Código Penal: 1) article 239 shall be replaced by the following:" article 239.-the public employee that in operations that involved by reason of their office, defraudare or consintiere it to defraud the State, municipalities or public establishments of instruction or charitable, is causing them loss or depriving them of a legitimate non-profit "" , you will incur the penalty of presidio child in grades medium to maximum.
In those cases in which the amount of the disappointed exceeds forty monthly tax units, the judge may increase a penalty referred to in the preceding paragraph.
If the fraud exceeds four hundred monthly tax units the presidio in its minimum penalty will be applied.
In any case, apply the penalties of fine of ten to fifty per cent of the damage caused and disqualification temporary positions, jobs or public offices in their medium to maximum grade. "."

(2) replace the subparagraph first of article 240 by the following: ' article 240.-public employees who directly or indirectly interesare in any kind of contract or transaction in which action must be taken by reason of their office, shall be punished by the penalties of imprisonment less degree, disqualification, temporary positions, jobs or public in their grades trades medium to maximum and fine from ten to fifty percent of the value of the interest that has taken " in the business. "."

(3) in article 248, replace the phrase "suspension in any of its degrees and fine half aware of the rights or the benefit requested or accepted" by "the penalty of imprisonment less its minimally, suspension in any of its degrees and fine half aware of the rights or the benefit requested or accepted".

(4) in the first subparagraph of article 248 bis, replaced the phrase "penalty of imprisonment less in their minimum grades to middle" by "penalty of imprisonment less in your middle grade".

(5) Introducense the following modifications in article 250: a. Insert a new, second subsection of read as follows: "For the benefit offered in relation to the acts or omissions of article 248, the sobornante shall be subject, in addition, with the lower in its minimum degree imprisonment.".
b in the second paragraph, which happens to be third, replace the phrase "in its minimum degree to environment" by "in her middle-grade".
c replace the third subparagraph, which happens to be fourth, by the following: "case of the consented or benefit offered in connection with the crimes or simple offences set out in article 249, the sobornante shall be punished, in addition, with imprisonment in its middle-grade, in the case of the benefit offered, or of imprisonment less in their minimum grades to Middle consented to in the case of the benefit. In these cases, if the sobornante to appropriate him a penalty for the crime or simple offence concerned, will be to the latter. "."

(6) repeal the articles 250 bis 250 bis and a. B.

(7) interlayer, then Article 251, the following new heading: "§ 9 bis. I bribery to public officials foreign Article 251 bis-which should make offer, it prometiere or give to a foreign public official, an economic benefit or otherwise, for the benefit of this or a third party, so that perform an action or incurred in an omission with a view to obtaining or maintenance, for himself or another, any business or improper within the scope of any international transactions advantage shall be punished by the penalty of imprisonment reduced its medium to maximum and, in addition, with the fine and disqualification laid down in the first subparagraph of article 248 bis. If the benefit is different from the economic nature, the fine will be one hundred to one thousand monthly tax units. Likewise shall be punished who should make a offer, prometiere or give the aforementioned benefit to a foreign public official having made or have incurred in actions or omissions mentioned.
Which, in the same situations to those described in the preceding paragraph, consintiere to the referred benefit, shall be punished with imprisonment in its minimum to medium, as well as the same penalties of fine and disqualification mentioned.

Article 251 ter.-for the purposes of the provisions of the preceding article, is considered foreign public official anyone who has a legislative, administrative or judicial office in a foreign country, has been appointed or elected, as well as any person who exercises a public function for a foreign country, either within a public body or a public company. Also means that invests the aforementioned quality and any official or agent of a public international organization. ".".