Constitutional Reform In Governance And Administration Regional N


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"(Artículo único.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones en la Constitución Política: 1. Modifíca_se el artículo 49 en los siguientes términos: a) added in the paragraph first, then of the word 'country', replacing the followed period (.)" by a comma (,), as follows: "each of which will constitute, at least, a constituency.".

(b) replace the second paragraph by the following: "senators will last eight years in office and in turn be renewed every four years, in the form determined by the respective constitutional organic law.".

2 replace the letter e) number 2) article 52 by the following: "e) of the intendants, Governors and the authority exercised by the Government in the special territories referred to in article 126 bis, for violation of the Constitution and for the crimes of treason, sedition, embezzlement of public funds and concussion.".

3. replace, in number 2) of article 57, the phrase "members of the regional councils" by "regional members".

4. replace, in the first paragraph of article 112, the phrase "the mayor shall chair the regional Council and" by "The Mayor".

5 replaced article 113 with the following: "article 113. The regional Council shall be a body of normative, operative and Inspector, nature within the scope of competence of the regional government, responsible for responding to the participation of the regional citizenship and exercise the powers entrusted by the respective constitutional organic law.

The regional Council will be made by directors who are elected by universal suffrage by direct vote, in accordance with the respective constitutional organic law. They will last for four years in their positions and they may be reelected. The same law shall establish the Organization of the regional Council, shall determine the number of Directors that integrate it and way of replacement, taking care so long as both the population and the territory of the region are equally represented.

He shall cease in office the regional counselor who, during his tenure, forfeits some of the eligibility requirements or incur any disabilities, incompatibilities, disability or other grounds for cessation that constitutional organic law.

As indicated in the previous paragraphs with respect to the regional Council and regional advisers shall apply, as appropriate, the special territories referred to in article 126 bis.

The regional Council, by an absolute majority of its members in exercise, shall elect a President from among its members. The President of the Council will last four years in his post and shall cease on it if you engage in any of the grounds mentioned in the third paragraph, by removing agreed by two-thirds of the regional in-service advisers or waiver approved by the majority of these.

The constitutional organic law shall determine the functions and duties of the President of the regional Council.

The regional Council shall approve the draft budget in the respective region whereas, for this purpose, the resources allocated to it in the law of budgets, their own resources and those which derive from the programming conventions.

The senators and members of Parliament who represent constituencies and districts of the region may, when they deem it appropriate, attend the meetings of the regional Council and take part in its discussions without the right to vote. "."

6 article 114, replaced by the following: 'article 114. The respective constitutional organic law will determine the shape and the way in which the President of the Republic may transfer to one or more regional Governments, in temporary or definitive character, one or more competencies of the ministries and public services created for the fulfilment of administrative function, in matters of territorial planning, promotion of productive activities and social and cultural development. "."

7 replace the fourth subparagraph of article 115, with the following: "on the initiative of regional governments or of one or more ministries will held annual or multiannual programming partnerships of public investment among regional Governments, among these and one or more ministries or between regional Governments and municipalities, compliance with which shall be compulsory. The respective constitutional organic law shall establish general rules that will regulate the subscription, execution and enforceability of such agreements. "."

8 repeal of the third paragraph of article 116.

9 Add the following new second subsection in article 123: "Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the respective constitutional organic law will regulate the administration of the metropolitan areas, and shall establish the conditions and formalities that allow to confer such quality to certain territories.".

10 article 124 replaced by the following: 'article 124. To be appointed mayor or Governor and elected regional councillor, Mayor or Councillor, is required to be a citizen entitled to vote, have the other requirements of suitability indicated by the law and reside in the region at least in the last two years prior to their appointment or election.

The Mayor, Governor, regional councillor, Mayor and Councillor positions are incompatible each other.

No Mayor, Governor or President of the regional Council, from the day of their appointment or election, as the case may be, may be accused or deprived of his liberty, except in case of flagrante delicto, if the Court of appeal of the respective jurisdiction, in full, does not authorize previously the accusation by declaring to have resulted in the formation of cause. This resolution may be appealed to the Supreme Court.

It should be arrested any Mayor, Governor or President of regional Council by flagrante delicto, it will be immediately made available to the respective appeal court, with summary information. The Court will then proceed pursuant to the preceding paragraph.

From the moment is declared, by firm resolution, have resulted in formation of cause, is the Mayor, Governor or President of the regional Council accused suspended from his post and subject to the competent judge. "."

11 replacements in article 125 expressions: "mayors, Member of the regional Council and Councillor", by the following: "Mayor and regional councillor and Councillor". "."