It Gives Low-Income Families A Solidarity Bonus


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"Article 1.-granted, only once, an extraordinary bonus to the beneficiaries of family allowances established by law Nº 18,020 and beneficiaries of family allowances of the decree with force of law No. 150 of 1981, the Ministry of labour and Social Welfare, and the maternal allocation referred to in article 4 of the decree with force of law" that they receive such allowances have income equal to or less than the maximum limit laid down in article 1 of law No. 18.987. The bonus will be $40,000 for each cause that the beneficiary has accredited as of December 31, 2009. Each deceased will only give right to a bonus, even if the beneficiary has been accepted to various social security schemes and habitually different jobs and even though it may be invoked in such quality for more than one beneficiary. In this last event, is always preferred the recipient mother.

In the situations provided for in subparagraphs second and third article 7 of the Decree Law N ° 150, the beneficiary receiving the bonus referred to in the preceding paragraph shall, within a maximum of 30 days of cash receiving it, to give it to who on December 31, 2009 is getting the cash of the respective assignments paid. Equal obligation shall respect who has right to food court decreed in favour of the cause of family allowances which give origin to the bonus referred to in this article.

Disputes that may arise on the occasion of the breach of the obligations set forth in the preceding paragraph will be known by the family courts, which for these purposes may require delivery of the amount total of the bonus, redesigned in accordance to the variation which experience determined by the National Institute of statistics, consumer price index between the previous month to one in which was perceived and which precedes its restitution to whom it may concern , in accordance with the preceding paragraph.

The request for return of the bonus must be submitted in writing before the Court of competent family, which shall be dealt with and resolved in accordance with the provisions of the second paragraph of article 26 of the law No. 19.968.

Equally, are entitled to a bonus of $40,000 per family, whether that it is composed of one or more people, those of December 31, 2009 are recorded in the system of Social protection "Chile Solidario", according to which in effect maintains the Ministry of planning, and records that are not in the so-called of the article 7° of the law N ° 19.949 which in terms of the amount of the bond, shall be governed by subsection first.

Referral bonus shall not constitute remuneration or income for any legal effect and therefore will not be taxable or taxable and will not be on any discount.

The bond specified in this article will be tax charge and shall be paid by the Social Security Institute, in a single share, and from the month of publication this law. To this effect, the Social Security Institute may conclude direct agreements with one or more banks having a branch network that ensures national coverage.

Yet, for the staff of public institutions of centralized and decentralized, with the exception of those referred to in the fourth subparagraph of article 32 of the decree with force of law Nº 150, in his capacity as employers participate in the administration of the system of family allowances, the extraordinary bonus payment be made directly your staff , or where, as provided for in the second paragraph, in accordance with the provisions of the Superintendent of Social Security. The payment will be made jointly with the remuneration, recovering the amounts involved through the same procedure laid down in article 32 of the aforementioned Decree Law Nº 150, in the case of family allowances.

The claim by the non-granting of the bonus referred to in this article, will be one year from the publication of this law.

Meanwhile, the deadline for the payment of the bonus referred to in this article shall be six months counted from the issuance of the payment.

To those who perceive unduly the extraordinary bonus that gives this article, by hiding data or providing false information, administrative sanctions and penalties that may be applicable apply them. In addition, the offender must restore the amounts wrongly received, readjusted in accordance with the variation that experience determined by the National Institute of statistics, consumer price index between the previous month to one in which was perceived and which precedes its restitution.

For the purpose of the proper implementation of the extraordinary bond to which this article refers, the Superintendent of Social Security will have the powers granted in article 26 of the decree with force of law Nº 150 and in article 2 of the law No. 18.611. For the beneficiaries of the law Nº 19.949, the Ministry of planning will have the powers granted in the Act.