Modifies Law-General Of Fisheries And Establishes Transitional Rules To Deal With The Catastrophe Of February 27, 2010 Tasting


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Incorporated into the number 2), the following final paragraph: "natural and legal persons wishing to develop such activities" , they must enroll in a record which, in effect, will lead the service, which will remove him to processing plants that have not operated and reported two successive years, in the terms established in article 63 of the Act and its regulations. "."
((b) change the number 14) in the following sense: b.1) replaced first paragraph with the following: "14) craft fishing boat or craft boat: it is that exploited by a shipowner craft and entered in the register of artisanal fishing, a maximum length not exceeding 18 meters and 80 cubic meters of capacity of Winery, guaranteeing security and that there is no increase in fishing effort." However the above, solely and exclusively for artisanal fishing vessels, will be excluded from the total volume of the gross tonnage those confined spaces destined exclusively to the habitability and well-being of the provision, i.e., kitchen, dining room, cabins, bathrooms and rest rooms, which are located on the upper deck and that do not exceed a maximum of 50 cubic meters. "."

(b.2) in your second paragraph: b.2.1) replaced, then of the expression "maximum load", the comma by the conjunction "and".
b.2.2) replace the phrase "and the minimum area for habitability", by ", as appropriate to the art of fishing".
b.2.3) delete the phrase "and the conditions of work on board".

b.3) in its third paragraph, delete the expression "or surface".

(2, paragraph be replaced first letter c) of article 3, with the following: "c) annual quotas of catch by species in a given area." In the event that there is a natural disaster declared by the authority that affects the whole or part of a region, in the terms established by the law N ° 16.282, or environmental damage, in accordance with the law N ° 19,300, shall be a reserve of the global annual catch quota of up to 3% of the respective regional fraction or the average of landings in the previous three years in the region concerned in the case that the quota is not regionalized, which will fall within the annual global quota for the following year, with the sole purpose of addressing urgent social needs arising from the stated disaster. The Undersecretary, founded resolution, shall determine the allocation of this reserve. "."

3 insert in article 48 A, the following fourth subparagraph, passing the current paragraph fourth to be the final paragraph: "However the foregoing, in the event of a natural disaster declared by the competent authority, the Secretary may not consider the years during which was current that statement for purposes of determining the true story of landing. Similarly, the Secretary not consider catches that are charged to the reserve of the annual global quota fixed for the purpose of urgent social needs, established in accordance with the provisions of paragraph first letter c) of article 3. "."

4. replace the second paragraph of article 50 A, by the following: "replacement will operate as indivisible with respect to all the categories, and in all current and closed fisheries that the replaced has registered in the register, leaving without effect the registration with respect to the fisheries with open access, by the only Ministry of law. Shipowners who have two boats registered fishing craft may carry out replacement of one or of both, maintaining your registration with respect to the vessel not replaced with the fisheries that have registered in the first case, also retaining the rest of their categories. "."