Extended Validity Of Decree Law Nâ ° 701 Of 1974, And Increases Incentives To The Forestacia N


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"(Artículo único.-Introdúcense en el decreto ley Nº 701, de 1974, cuyo texto fue reemplazado por el artículo 1° deel decreto ley Nº 2.565, de 1979, las siguientes modificaciones: 1) insert in article 2 °, then the definition of small forest owner, the following paragraph:" medium forest owner: natural or legal person and communities that do not comply with the requirements set out in the definition of small forest owner and whose annual sales revenue "" , services and other activities of the rotation not exceeding 100,000 units of promotion in the last calendar year. "."

((2) amended article 12 as follows: to) replace, in the first subparagraph, the figure "15 years" by "17 years".

((b) replace the letter d) with the following: "d) the percentage of bonus for small forest owners will be 90% of the costs of afforestation carried out preferably forest suitability soils or soils degraded of any kind, including those plantations with low density for applications silvopastural, with respect to the first 15 hectares and 75% with respect to the other." The bonus percentage will be 75% of the costs for the activities referred to in letters c) and e), and for the activities of recovery of degraded soils and sand-dune stabilization referred to in point (b)). As regards the agricultural and indigenous communities referred to in article 2, the maximum area for forest, with access to bonus of 90% with respect to the first 15 hectares, will be which results from multiplying the number of Communards by 15 hectares. "."

(c), replace the second paragraph by the following clauses: "(El porcentaje de bonificación para los medianos propietarios forestales será deel 75% y para otros propietarios de un 50% de los costos de las actividades a que se refieren las letras a) (, (b) and (c))."
Afforestation referred to in point (b)) shall be paid jointly with bonuses for recovery of degraded soils and sand-dune stabilization, when appropriate.

The sum of bonuses that recipients perceive the activities referred to in the lyrics to), b), c), d) and f), may not exceed 100 annual hectares. "."
(d) replace the current final paragraph by the following subparagraphs: (and b) of the law N ° 19.253, may elect to receive the allowance referred to in subsection first of this article " without prejudice to the respective surface has been the subject of previous bonus. This, only for those forests that have been exploited and utilized by owners other than indigenous people, indigenous communities, or a part of those who have been favored with the aforementioned law No. 19.253 grant.
They may also, exceptionally, these same people and, in the same circumstances, we opt to disaffect the respective grounds of his quality from preferably forest suitability, in application of the provisions of article 7 of the Decree Law No. 701, 1974, and in article 17 of the Supreme Decree N ° 193, 1998, the Ministry of agriculture.
In the situation provided for in the preceding subsection, these indigenous people, indigenous communities or part of these, will be exempt from the obligation to repay those amounts that have stopped paying under tax franchises or bonuses granted by Decree Law No. 701 of 1974, tax coffers or other statutory or regulatory provisions. "."

(3) add the following article 36: "article 36.-the national forestry Corporation shall have the right to keep a record of forest operators, will have the character of public and which shall be published on the website of the concerned Corporation."
A regulation will determine the requirements for registration, content and operation of the register referred to in the previous paragraph, as well as the other rules governing the activity of forest operators.
Serious breach of the obligations set out in the regulations, will result in removal from the registry of forestry operators. "."