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(Amending article 26 as follows: to) replace the first sentence of the second by the following paragraph: "the municipality shall be obliged to grant the patent respective immediately once the taxpayer has accompanied all required permits or" " the municipality has been verified by other means the fulfillment of those, both health, as site according to the rules of the regulatory Plan zoning, other permissions that special laws they require them, as the case may be, and provided that it is not necessary to check operating conditions by the Works Department of the municipality. Without limiting the foregoing, trying to patent professionals and professional societies patent, shall not be required permission. "."

(b) replace the fifth subparagraph by the following: "(Sin perjuicio de lo señalado en el inciso segundo, la municipalidad deberá otorgar patente provisoria en forma inmediata ael contribuyente cuando se cumplan los siguientes requisitos: a) location according to the zoning of the regulatory Plan regulations;" (b) accompany sanitary authorization, in those cases where this is requested expressly by the decree with force of law No. 1 of the Ministry of health, 1989; ((c) in the case of activities that require sanitary authorization of those that are not mentioned in the decree with force of law, the taxpayer must certify only have requested authorization to the health authority, and d) permissions that require other special laws, as the case may be. "."

(c) replace the sixth subparagraph by the following: "(Las municipalidades podrán otorgar patentes provisorias para el ejercicio de las actividades que deban cumplir con los requisitos señalados en las letras b) and (d) of the subsection of the foregoing, without its being necessary to require authorization, provided that the activity concerned is incorporated in the Ordinance which is issued to the effect." Municipalities may only incorporate the types of activities previously authorized by the competent authority, which should be noted, in addition, characteristics and conditions to be met by those in this Ordinance. Municipalities should enforce the requirement concerned within a specified time limit, which may not exceed one year from the date in which to grant the provisional patent. "."

(d) Intercalanse following paragraphs seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth, new, passing current subparagraphs seventh and eighth to eleventh and twelfth, respectively: "(En caso de que se rechazare la solicitud de autorización sanitaria a que se refiere la letra c) of the fifth paragraph is rechazaren the permission referred to in the preceding subparagraphs or any expired given by the municipality to obtain them" the provisional patent will expire full-fledged, must the taxpayer immediately cease their activities.
When the activity that is going to make the taxpayer requires verification of operating conditions by the Works Department of the municipality, this check will be done within thirty calendar days following the granting of the patent that is temporary, and must manifest the direction, within that period, the existence of observations and conditions that must be met to grant the final patent. Where the earlier deadline had passed and the municipality had not crowded, or having frequented not find comments, temporarily extended patent will become by the only Ministry of law ultimately, whenever obtained the permits health, owing the municipality extend patent sum if it is required to the effect. Also, if there are comments and these were correctable, may be the municipality declared provisional patent to keep this character for the time indicated by the direction of works to comply with the requirements governing legal provisions, term which may not exceed one year from the provisional patent has been extended. Also, if the observations are not correctable, or have not been remedied within the time limit given by the municipality, the patent will expire full. For the effects of the closure, the municipality may require the help of the security forces.
Subject as provided in the preceding paragraph, should cause that it may impede correct observations it is the existence of a declaration of public utility on the property that has carried out the activity concerned and the management of municipal works has refused the request made by the owner pursuant to the second paragraph of article 121 of the decree with force of law N ° 458 the Ministry of housing and urban development, of 1976, General Law of urban planning and construction, the municipality must extend provisional patent until the time of expiry of the said Declaration. To the previously indicated period must be added, if it be the case, the term management of municipal works extended to address observations which carried, according to stated in the preceding paragraph.
Where the sanitary authorization has been obtained implicitly, in application of the provisions of the third paragraph of article 7 of the sanitary code, the taxpayer requesting the patent shall accompany an affidavit indicating that the health authority is not pronounced within the legal deadline and submit in addition the document attesting to having done the health application in question. To which distort the information to that referred to in this subparagraph or not cesare their activities when the patent has expired apply you the sanctions laid down in Title X of this law, without prejudice to the others that are applicable to make false affidavits and for violations of sanitary norms. "."

(e) replace current seventh paragraph, which becomes eleventh, the phrase "in the cases of the preceding paragraph," by "In the cases of the preceding subparagraphs and companies proving that its effective capital does not exceed five thousand unidades de fomento,".
(2) delete the article 34 bis.
(3) added to article 53 the following new second subsection: "the taxpayer who give false statements regarding the sanitary authorizations referred to in article 26 or not cesare their activities when the patent has expired shall be punished by a fine of up to 200% of the value of the patent, without prejudice to what have other rules of this title" , what are applicable. "."