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"(Artículo 1º.-Concéde_se, por una sola vez, un bono extraordinario a todos los cónyuges que reúnan los siguientes requisitos: a) 50 years of marriage as of January 1, 2010." The marriage may have been celebrated in Chile or in a foreign country, in which case should have been entered in the register referred to in the second subparagraph of article 135 of the Civil Code;

(b) that the marriage had not completed any legal cause;

(c) that the spouses not found separated in accordance with the provisions of chapter III of law No. 19.947 of Civil marriage;

(d) that the spouses not found is divorced and in accordance with the law of January 10, 1884 Civil marriage;

(e) integrate a home belonging to the first four quintiles, according to the threshold of targeting resulting from the application of the tab of Social protection or the instrument which will replace it. The spouses must belong to the same household or prove residence, both or either of them, in a settlement of long stay for Seniors recognized by the competent authority, and f) prove residence in the territory of the Republic of Chile for a period of not less than four years in the five years immediately preceding the date of filing of the application to take advantage of the benefits that this law grants.

A regulation issued by the Ministry of finance and also signed by planning Minister will outline how to prove residence in common. That regulation also set the threshold of focus that will determine who will meet the requirement enshrined in the letter e), and set the other necessary rules for the implementation of this law.

The established in the previous letters does not preclude that may be beneficiaries of the bonus the spouses, where a second or subsequent marriage, celebrated in accordance with the law in force, comply with the requirements set out above.