About School Violence

Original Language Title: SOBRE VIOLENCIA ESCOLAR

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Insert in his second, after announcing subparagraph "educational project", the following " : ", promote school conviviality and prevent all forms of physical or psychological violence, assault or harassment, in accordance with paragraph 3 of this title,".

(b) add the following third sub-paragraph: "those establishments that are not legally required to constitute that organisation must create a conviviality School Committee or other entity with similar characteristics, satisfying the functions of promotion and prevention laid down in the preceding paragraph. All educational establishments must have a charge of school coexistence, which will be responsible for the implementation of the measures to determine the School Board or the good coexistence School Committee, as appropriate, and that should be included in a management plan. "."

2 Add, in its preliminary title, the following paragraph 3: "school coexistence paragraph 3 article 16 to." Good school coexistence means the harmonious coexistence of the members of the educational community, which represents a positive interrelationship between them and allows proper compliance with the educational objectives in a climate that promotes the comprehensive development of the students.

Article 16 B. Bullying refers to any action or constituent omission of aggression or repeated harassment, performed within the educational establishment for students who, in individual or collective form, conflict against another student, using a situation of superiority or vulnerability of the affected student, which resulted in the latter, abuse, humiliation, or founded fear of being exposed to a serious sickness or outside either by technological means or any other means, taking into account their age and condition.

Article 16 C. Pupils, students, parents, mothers, parents, professionals and teaching assistants, as well as educational and managerial teams of educational establishments shall promote a school climate that fosters good relations in order to prevent all kinds of bullying.

Article 16 D. special gravity will take any type of physical or psychological violence, committed by any means against a member of the community, educational student who stop a position of authority, is director, Professor, Assistant of education or another, such as the also exerted by an adult in the educational community against a student.

Fathers, mothers, parents, professionals and teaching assistants, as well as educational and managerial teams of educational establishments, please let the situations of physical or psychological violence, aggression or harassment involving a student member of the educational community which take knowledge, all this in accordance with the internal regulations of the establishment.

If the authorities of the establishment they not adopt corrective, educational or disciplinary measures requiring its own rules of procedure, they will be punished in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of this body of law.

Article 16 E. Personnel management, teaching, teaching assistants and persons who fulfil administrative and auxiliary functions to the interior of all educational establishments will receive training on the promotion of good school coexistence and conflict management. "."

(3 replaced the letter f) of article 46 by the following: 'f) having a rules of procedure governing the relations between the establishment and the different actors of the school community. That regulation, in respect of school coexistence, should incorporate prevention policies, educational measures, protocols and various behaviors that constitute failure to conviviality school, graduating them according to their greater or lesser gravity. Similarly, it will establish the disciplinary measures corresponding to such behaviors, which may include from a pedagogical measure until the cancellation of the registration. In any case, in the application of such measures must be ensured at all times the right procedure, which shall be laid down in the regulation. "."