About Currency N Of Social Housing Condominiums


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"Sole article.-incorporate into law N ° 19.537, about real estate ownership, following article 46 quater:" article 46 quater-empower municipalities to subdivide the condos of social housing, in accordance with article 39. ""
For this purpose, the co-owners may apply to management of municipal works division of the condominium.
This application can contain a proposal for division of the condominium, which consists of a drawing signed by a competent professional, and which is approved by the co-owners representing at least 75% of the condominium rights.
10% of the owners, can alternatively, ask management of municipal works which draw up a proposal for a division. This proposal, with its corresponding plane, must be approved by 75% of the rights of the condominium.
The municipality, on its own initiative, may propose social housing condominiums a plane of division that will facilitate better management. This proposal will be elaborated by the Directorate of municipal works, and will require the approval of 75% of the rights of the condominium.
To prove the majority established in this article, just the Act of the Assembly signed by the joint owners who meet the aforementioned legal quorum or, in default, the instrument evidencing the adoption of the proposal of subdivision signed by the respective co-owners, legalized notary.
The Director of municipal works, after approved the modifications by the co-owners dictate, if appropriate, a resolution requiring the subdivision of the condominium, which should enroll in the real conservative roots together with the respective plane. Changes as a result of the division of property of the condominium shall apply from the date of the registration concerned.
The rules of the General Law on urbanism and constructions, the General Ordinance of urbanism and constructions and the respective territorial planning instruments, shall not apply to the buildings and the division of the soil which arise on the occasion of the subdivision of condos that is made pursuant to the preceding subparagraphs.
Social housing condominiums will be exempt from the payment of municipal rights that may accrue with respect to the actions referred to in this article. In addition, stakeholders will enjoy privilege of poverty on the payment of customs duties that apply to notaries, conservators and archivists, on the occasion of such performances. ".".