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"Sole article.-amending the labour code in the following way: 1. Insert the following article 54 new bis:"article 54 bis-accrued salaries are incorporated into the heritage of the worker, having written is not any clause that involves returning, reinstatement or compensation from the worker to the employer, before the occurrence of events after the opportunity in which the remuneration is devengó " except that such subsequent events arise in breach by the employee of the obligations contained in your contract of employment.
However, awards or bonuses may agree by future events, such as the residence over a period of time of the client that has hired a service or product to the company or the punctuality in payments of referral service or others, provided that the occurrence of these events depends on the fulfilment by the worker of the obligations contained in your contract of employment.
Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding article, and according to stated in preceding paragraphs, payments of wages shall contain in an annex, constituting an integral part of them, the amounts of each Commission, bonus, award or other incentive given to the worker, with the detail of each transaction that gave origin and shape used for its calculation.
The employer may not condition the hiring of a worker, his tenure, the renewal of his contract, or promotion or mobility in his employment, to the subscription of securities of obligations, such as promissory notes in any of its forms, letters of commitments of payment of any kind, or changes to answer salary already earned. "."

2 Incorporanse in the first paragraph of article 55, the following sentences following the separate dot (.), which happens to be followed (..): "If that worker's compensation is made up of total or partially commissions and regardless of the terms of payment that the company agreed with the client, those are understood to be accrued and must be liquidated and paid together with the other regular compensations of the period in which the operations were carried out or the events that took place them" they originated, except that, for technical reasons it is not possible, case in which must be settled and paid together with the remuneration of the month following. Clause differing payment of commissions to the worker, breach the limits laid down in this article, shall be unwritten. "."