Strengthens The Face Cter Variable Of The Tax Own Fico On Fuels Of Vehicle Use To Reduce The Impact Of The Rises In Their Prices


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Replaced article 2 °, in the final paragraph, the word "Monday" by "Tuesday". "

(2) replace in article 3 the final sentence of the last paragraph with the following: "(Asimismo, el abono previsto en el número 3) of this article must be added to the sale price for purposes of the calculation of the value added tax. '.

((3) Incorporanse the following modifications in article 4: to) Agreganse the following sentences at the end of the third paragraph: "prices mentioned here may be expressed in Chilean currency and coins of general acceptance of international markets from changes to the date of the contract, provided that the same contract the same currency is used to set the exercise price and the price average compared to the exercise price to determine the compensation." Compensation and bonuses may be defined in a third currency, provided that this is the Chilean or one of general acceptance in international markets from changes to the date of the contract. "."

(b) replace the final sentence of the fourth by the following paragraph: "in addition, none of the exercise prices of a same"put option "that sells the Ministry of finance, whether simple or combined, may be superior to the concerned average reduced by ten percent, and none of the exercise prices of a same option"call"purchased by the Ministry of finance , simple or combined, may be less concerned average increased by ten per cent. "."

(c) replace, in the eighth paragraph, the phrase "by 25% of the average price during the eight contiguous weeks immediately preceding the respective date of exercise", by the following: "for 15% of the average price, over a number of weeks that can be elected between eight and twenty-six, while the final week of that period may be prior to the eighth week prior to the respective date of exercise" ,".

((d) Insert the following eleventh paragraph, correlatively by altering the numbering of following subparagraphs, subject to stated in the letter f): "been a month since the suspension of continued coverage has materialized, the variable component of specific fuels taxes law N ° 18.502, will again be determined as set forth in article 3 of title II of this law. Similarly, the second stage provided for in this law re-starts again on the following date by first time corresponds to the Ministry of finance to choose between exercising or not coverage of the mechanism of title III contracted previously. From the Thursday of the week subsequent to that date, that variable component established by article 3 will have zero value and shall apply the variable component established in article 5 of title III of this law. "."

e) replace, in the number 2) of the current eleventh subsection, which happened to be twelfth, the expression "of exercise or settlement", by "exercise, liquidation and payment of premiums".

(f) eliminate the current 12th paragraph.

(g) add the following final paragraph: "If there is a balance of premiums unpaid by"call"options contracted prior, whose exercise periods are expiring, and if the outstanding balance exceeds the maximum limit established in subsection ninth article 4 ° for the net sum of the set of all premiums corresponding pay and receive in a week by a same fuel 100% of the remaining balance of the sum of the net compensation not yet transferred to consumers, if any, and premiums received in that same week by the sale of "put" options, if any will be subtracted. The remaining balance will be covered by the tax department. "."

(4) replaced by article 5 the last sentence of the final paragraph by the following: "(Asimismo, el abono previsto en el número 3) of this article must be added to the sale price for purposes of the calculation of the value added tax. '.

(5) Agreganse, in the transitional provisions, fourth to sixth following items: "fourth article.-until 30 June of 2014, including, maximum values them of the parameters"n"and"s"referred to in subsection fifth article 2 of this law, shall correspond to fifty-two weeks, and minimum of both parameters values correspond to four weeks.

Article fifth.-until June 30, 2014, inclusive, the percentage referred to in the seventh paragraph of article 2, shall be ten percent.

Sixth article.-until June 30, 2014, inclusive, the decree referred to in the second sentence of the eighth paragraph of article 2, shall have a minimum period of four weeks. "."