Renews And Modifies The Procedure Of Regularizacia Social Housing Upgrades N Referred To In The Law Nâ ° 20.251


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Article 1.-the owners of existing social housing, in urban or rural areas may only once, within a period of two years counted from the publication of this law, regularize extensions which, together with built, do not exceed the 90 square meters surface, complying with the requirements listed below: 1) not be located in areas of risk or protection on land declared of public utility or in national assets for public use.
(2) not be the date of the regularization, pending written complaints for breach of planning rules entered prior to the date of publication of this law in the management of municipal works or the respective local police court.
(3) comply with the rules listed below, to ensure the habitability, security and stability of the expanded housing, and standards for interior installations of electricity, drinking water, sewer and gas, matching: regarding standards of HABITABILITY height minimum height from floor to sky, measure in finished work, which must be 2.30 m It may be reduced to 20%. The minimum vertical measurement of work completed in past peatonalesbajo beams or horizontal installation of 2.0 m can be reduced 20%.

Interior finishes standard termination may not be less than the defined in the General town planning and constructions Ordinance for a habitable thick work.

Ventilation habitable premises must at least have a window that will allow the entry of air and light from the outside. Sealed fixed windows will nonetheless be admitted provided that provides adequate ventilation ducts and it is no of bedrooms or enclosures in which artifacts of combustion of any kind be consulted.
However the foregoing, bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, when not contemplate exterior window that allows the renewal of air, must be exhausted through a vent, individual or collective, of section free non-interrupted, at least, 0,16 m², the designated dimension may be reduced if you contemplate forced circulation.

MATTER standards of safety against fire fire-resistant homes isolated, paired or continuous, up to 2 floors, whose built-up area is less than or equal to 140 m², will have a resistance to fire at least F-15 in its entirety and supporting components, provided that the supporting wall or dividing wall, as applicable, meets the demands of dividing walls between units.

Added in the whole area of modularity must be built on the boundary wall of modularity with a minimum height of 2.0 m and a minimum F-60 fire resistance.
For buildings attached to the boundary, the supporting wall must reach cover attached body. In addition, the individual must contemplate a system for the disposal of rainwater that does not affect the neighbouring properties.

MATTER rules of stability calculation structural is not required structural project, provided that the permit regularization application responsible for professional leave evidence that the work meets the conditions of stability provided by the Ordinance with respect to the design type concerned.

(((4) present to the respective municipal works address a request for permission and receiving simultaneous, accompanied by the following documents: a) simple statement of the owner, that point to be the holder of the domain of the property, and that do not exist with respect to such well root claims concerning the number 2) preceding.
b) summary technical specifications and a map to chart the plant, the main elevation and a cut of enlargement, noting the measures and surface of the existing dwelling and enlargement to regularize, signed by a competent professional.
((c) report of a competent professional certifying that the expansion meets standards of habitability, safety, stability and interior installations referred to in point 3) precedent, and that is not located on the grounds referred to in number 1). For these purposes, means competent professionals any of those listed in article 17 of the General town planning and constructions Act.

The management of municipal works, within 90 days of the filing of the application, review the compliance of planning regulations referred to in number 1) preceding and, with the only merit of the documents referred to in number 4) this article, will grant the corresponding certificate of regularization, if he is coming.

Adjustments carried out in accordance with this article shall be exempt from municipal rights set out in article 130 of the General town planning and constructions Act.