It Leads To The Ampliacia N Of The Matrix Energy Policy, Through Non-Conventional Renewable Sources


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(In article 150 bis: to) replaced " , in the first paragraph, the figure "10%" by "20%".
(b) add, in the sixth paragraph, the following final sentence: "Also those listed addresses of tolls will be a public record of all transfers and non-conventional renewable energy certificates issued by such address values.".

(2) incorporate the following article 150 ter: "article 150 ter-to comply with part of the obligation established in subsection first of the preceding article, the Ministry of energy should be annual public tenders for the provision of annual blocks of energy from non-conventional renewable energy generation means." For these purposes, the Ministry of energy take place up to two bids per year if quo awarded block is not covered in its entirety.

Each tender will be held to give full coverage to that part of the obligation referred to in the first paragraph of the previous article, which is not covered with the injection of energy from projects of non-conventional renewable energy in operation, under construction or awarded energy blocks, at the time of launch the bidding process, with respect to the callable share a third later this year which will be considered for the purposes of this article the year of home. However, the Ministry of energy is not obligated to perform tenders concerned when the designated obligation is fulfilled.

Awarded blocks will be allocated to comply, in whole or part, the obligation referred to in the first paragraph of the preceding article, so electrical enterprises which carry out withdrawals from the system may prove its compliance with the issued certificates tendered and actually injected energy injection product in proportion to their retreats.

Notwithstanding the above, in the event that the allocated blocks do not cover entirely stated in the bidding rules, either bid be declared desert, the fulfilment of the obligation with respect to that block will be delayed for the year following the start.

The power to tender block will be indicated on the relevant bidding rules, without that it does not exceed the share of energy from non-conventional renewable energy generation set forth under the Act. For these purposes, the Ministry of energy asked the Commission a technical report which set the block of non-conventional renewable energy to tender, and so will consider the final technical report of knot current prices at the time of publication of the relevant bidding rules.

The period of validity of tenders energy injections, block of power yearly to tender and awarded prices shall apply for ten consecutive years, counted from the date of start of injection of energy, as determined by the relevant bidding rules.

The bidding rules are drawn up by the Ministry of energy. A regulation will determine the minimum content of the bidding rules, which among others, also to establish criteria for the evaluation of bids and selection of the successful tenderers, the information that will be requested to the utilities appropriate and all of the other materials needed for the proper implementation of this article.

Without limiting the foregoing, the bases of the first bid of each process will be published within the first half of the period and shall at least specify the conditions of tender, technical and commercial information to be delivered each participant, warranties, terms and conditions apply, the way that should occur in bids and mechanisms for bailing the fulfillment of obligations.

Separate and independent tender processes for each electrical system with installed capacity of more than 200 megawatts, which must fulfil the obligation referred to in subparagraph first of the previous article may be.

They may participate in tender processes all the projects which, at the time of publication databases, are not interconnected to the respective electrical system.

Proponents submitted offers in the respective bidding processes must be noted in its proposal committed to injection of non-conventional renewable energy that take place annually, indicating the commitment of a monthly injection to comply with the mentioned annual commitment.

Additionally, proponents must, at least, comply with the following, in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding bases: (i) demonstrate that the projects of non-conventional renewable generation means that holders are have a resolution of environmental qualification favorably, if appropriate, in accordance with the regulations in force.
(ii) prove that media projects of generating renewable non-conventional which are holders, and to participate in the tender, have a subscribed capital, either have formal commitments to contribution of capital, greater than or equal to 20% of the total required to build and put into operation the respective project.
(iii) demonstrate that they are owners, users, tenants, dealers or owners of easements on the land on which is located or constructed the means of non-conventional renewable energy generation, all or part of whose output is offered in the tender; that they have applied for the respective concession, either with a promise contract relating to the possession, use, enjoyment or disposition of the property, enabling it to develop the project.
(iv) deliver a bond by the seriousness of the offer.
(v) deliver a bond to guarantee the effective realization of the project, according to the technical characteristics of the proposal.

The award shall be made taking into account energy offered volumes and unit prices associated with them, and must allocate bids with lower prices.

In the event there are offerings in more than one injection point, the comparison between prices offered will be referring all prices at a particular point in the system. To do so, shall be deemed offered energy prices corrected by criminalization of corresponding system power factors, identified in the final technical report of prices of knot more recent, existing at the date of publication of the bidding rules, or the mechanism that establishes the rules of procedure.

However, the relevant bidding rules stipulate a maximum price for the energy equal to the average cost of long-term development of generation of an efficient expansion in the corresponding system project, whose NPV is zero. For this purpose shall be deemed as recorded in the final technical report of price's knot, and which may be increased by up to 10% additional.

To any bidder you will be awarded an amount of the blocks of power which has offered partial or all.

The price of energy will receive those bidders in the tendering process will correspond to which each participant has indicated in its proposal, and will include both the certificate issued by the corresponding direction of tolls of energy from non-conventional renewable generation means the value of the energy. Along with offering a price for the initial month, proponents may include an indexing mechanism, which must comply with what the bases indicate.

For these purposes, each direction of tolls will be a monthly payment of the balance of non-conventional renewable energy injected, whereas the average monthly instant marginal costs at the point of injection and the awarded price. In the event that the balance throw that admission injected, valued at the average marginal cost, energy product exceed income by the awarded price valued injected energy, electricity companies which carry out withdrawals from the system will receive the difference in proportion to their withdrawals, up to a maximum value of 0.4 UTM per MWh, perceiving such excess figure respective non-conventional renewable generator.
Moreover, if that income by the energy injected, valued to the monthly average of the marginal costs, lower income by injected energy valued at the price awarded, electric companies that carry out withdrawals from the system must pay the difference, in proportion to their withdrawals, up to a maximum value of 0.4 UTM per MWh. In case that the monthly energy effectively injected by a proponent that has been awarded the tender is greater than or equal to the monthly block committed, the excess energy will be recovered at instantaneous marginal cost of every electrical system, in accordance with stated in subsection first article 119 of this Act. The successful bidder will receive an amount equal to the value of committed block according to the offered conditions more an amount corresponding to the excess energy, in the way described above. At the same time, the successful bidder will receive the non-conventional renewable energy certificates issued by the said address corresponding to the injection of the mentioned excess energy.

The energy injected monthly corresponding blocks awarded and committed in any of the tenders referred to in this article will be used to comply with the obligation referred to in subparagraph first of the previous article. To do so, each month this energy is assigned to all companies carrying out removals, pro rata of the amounts of energy removed during the month by each of them.

The above valuations of energy, as well as the determination of monetary transfers, will be carried out by the direction of tolls that corresponds. "."

(3) add the following article 174 bis: "article 174 bis.-generation of each medium system facilities expansion plans must contemplate projects of non-conventional renewable generation means, which should be given priority in relation to other primary energy sources whereas an efficient expansion of the system.".