Modifies Law No. 18,450, In Order To Promote The Inversia N Private Works Of Irrigation Or Drainage, In Integrated Projects And Use Multiple Ma, Whose Cost Exceeds 30,000 Units Of Building


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"(Artículo único.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones en la ley Nº 18.450, que aprueba normas para el fomento de la inversión privada en obras de riego y drenaje: 1) (amended article 1 as follows: to) be replaced with subsection first which transcribed below:"article 1.-the State, through the national irrigation Commission, the cost of education commendation " construction and rehabilitation works of irrigation or drainage, as well as integrated projects for irrigation or drainage that incorporate the concept of multi-purpose use; investments in equipment and items of mechanical irrigation or generation; and, in general, all work of irrigating or other purposes directly associated with the forestation works, empowerment and connection, whose projects are selected and approved in the form provided for in this Act. "."

(b) replace, in the eighth paragraph, the number "12,000" by "50,000".
(c) replace, in the ninth subparagraph, the figure "12,000" by "50,000".
(d) replace, in the tenth paragraph, the number "30,000" for "250,000".
(e) Agreganse following paragraphs eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth: "projects costing not more than 30,000 units of promotion may apply for the maximum bonus established in articles 1 and 3 of this Act, as appropriate. Similarly, projects whose cost exceeds the designated amount may apply to maximum bonuses before referred to, in the part not exceeding 30,000 units of promotion. For each of the other sections incremental located above 30,000 units of development, the maximum bonus to which you can apply will decrease according to the regulation.
Projects whose cost exceed 15,000 units of promotion must have prior Favorable recommendation of the Ministry of Social development. The deadline to decide on the recommendation will be 60 calendar days, counted from the date of entry of the respective application to the mentioned Ministry. The interested party may invoke the positive administrative silence in case there is no pronouncement of the authority within the aforementioned period.
Contests for a bonus of projects whose value exceeds 15,000 to less than 250,000 units of promotion shall be governed by a special procedure laid down in the regulation. "."

(2) Insert, in article 5, a new, sixth subsection of the following tenor, passing current subparagraphs sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth, to be subsections seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth, respectively: "in the evaluation of the projects whose cost exceed 15,000 units of building, we only consider"Contribution"and"Cost"variables according to the numeral 1) and (3) unprecedented." For this case, the project which proposes the biggest contribution will be awarded him five hundred points in the qualification of that variable, and the youngest, zero points offers that. Lower cost per beneficiary hectare project was awarded 500 points, and the largest, zero points. "."

(3) added an article 7 bis with the following text: "article 7 bis.-projects whose cost exceeds 30,000 units of building must have an inspection and acceptance technical works of cost of the beneficiary. The national irrigation Commission may only issue the order of payment of bonus certificate to irrigation and drainage when the works have inspection and favorable technical reception in the terms that designate the regulation. The national irrigation Commission may refuse the payment order concerned when, based on the reports of inspection or technical works, or reception of the random inspections referred to in the third paragraph of this article, could see that inspector works technician has incurred in breach of the law or regulation.
Inspection and technical acceptance of works of more than 30,000 units of development projects should be conducted by people registered in the public national register of consultants from the National Commission of irrigation for mid-sized works. The regulations will establish the parameters and conditions necessary for the execution of tasks of inspection and technical receipt of these.
Without prejudice to the above, the national irrigation Commission may make random inspection of works on site, in order to verify inspection and reception technical tasks to run in accordance with the parameters and conditions that set the rules and the information provided by the private works inspection. "."

(4) Agreganse, in article 15, the following second and third subparagraphs: "the subsidies of the game program Treasury will include the resources needed to finance annual spending that requires the application of this law." The corresponding budgetary gloss shall identify funds separated with the amounts that will annually engage in so-called competition, distinguishing between those works whose cost does not exceed 15,000 units of development and those that exceed that amount.
Regional Governments, in coordination with the national irrigation Commission, may conclude agreements mandate or programming, annual or multiannual, in order to encourage regional private investment in irrigation and drainage works. "."