Modifies Law General Services Commonwealth Electric, In Order To Promote The Interconexia N Of Independent Ela Electrical Systems


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Insert " (, in (b)) of the first paragraph, then from the word "trunk", the phrase ", such as lines, any technology between independent electrical systems and substations interconnects".

((b) replace the letter c) of the first subparagraph by the following: "c) rating lines, substations, and existing interconnections and, or under construction as new core works, even those additional interconnect or facilitating the interconnection of two or more electrical systems.".

((c) replace, in the letter d) of the first subparagraph, the phrase "and b)", by the phrase "(, b) and c), where appropriate,".

(d) add, in the second paragraph, after the word "electric", the phrase "or of the respective electrical systems, as the case may be,".

(e) Insert the following paragraph third, again, passing the current third paragraph to be fourth: "in the event that the new transmission works contemplate the interconnection of independent electrical systems, should be performed and attach to the backbone transmission study an evaluation who aware of the economic impact that would have, for each electrical system separately, the execution and operation of the said work.".

(f) insert in the third paragraph, which happened to be fourth, after the word "generators", the expression "or transmitters".

2 modify the second paragraph of article 86 in the following way: to) Insert, in its letter to), then the word "facilities", the phrase "existing or under construction", and removed the word "existing".

((b) replace, in its letter g), the word "third" by "fourth".

3 in article 91: a) Insert, in the letter to) of the second paragraph, after the word "existing", the phrase "and in construction".

((b) replace, in the literal c) of the second subparagraph, the phrase "lines and substations" by the word "works".

(c) Insert the following paragraph third, new, becoming current paragraphs third and fourth sub-paragraphs fourth and fifth, respectively: "the Ministry of energy may stipulate that the Commission incorporate the interconnection between electric systems, where necessary for the better functioning of the electrical system as a whole, in accordance with the guidelines established by the national energy policy. In this case, the Commission must contemplate the corresponding facilities in the technical report referred to in this article, attaching the technical-economic justification of the proposed works. "."

(d) insert in the fourth subsection, which happened to be fifth, ahead of the "(letra a) expression", the phrase "and in the third paragraph".

4 in article 95: to) replace, in the first paragraph, the phrase "lines and substations" by the word "works", and removed the word "works".

(b) replace, in the second paragraph, the phrase "lines and new backbone substations", by "new works, such as lines, interconnections between independent electrical systems and substations".

(c) replace, in the third paragraph, the word "lines" by "works".

5 in article 96: a) Insert, in the first paragraph, then of the "respective" term, the phrase "or, as regards interconnection between independent electrical systems, to the corresponding addresses of tolls altogether".

((b) modified the second paragraph in the following manner: i) replaced the expression "conditions of tender,", by the following: "objective conditions to be considered to determine the tender".

(ii) delete the phrase ", in accordance with the respective study of backbone transmission".

6 in article 97: to) Insert, then the term "respective", the phrase "or the addresses of tolls altogether, as appropriate".

(b) Reemplazanse the words "should" and "you shall award", by "must" and "they shall award", respectively.

(c) add, after the expression "Also", the word "is".
(d) replace the conjunction "e", the expression "and is".
e) replace, in the letter d), the phrase "lines or substations" by the word "works".

7 adding, in article 98, then the expression "according to the established in", the phrase "previous articles or".

8 amending article 99 in the following terms: to) replace, in its second paragraph, the word "third" by "fourth".

(b) Insert, in the fourth paragraph, then of the first sentence, the following text: "in this plan, the Commission may, in addition, incorporate expansion works which may be necessary to adapt the plan of expansion of the core system for the purposes of the second paragraph of this article. As regards the incorporation of works of interconnection, the Commission must attach a technical report on the technical-economic justification and public policy of the works proposed in conditions equivalent to those laid down in the study of backbone transmission. In addition, the Ministry of energy may exercise the faculty offering the third subparagraph of article 91. "."

9 added, in the first paragraph of article 116, after the term "national", the phrase ", whose transmission facilities have not been classified as trunk,". "."