Lowers The Land Tax Corresponding To Properties Of Economic Thermically Vulnerable Older Adults


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"Article 1.-in case the amount of the third and fourth share of land tax of one year and the first and second share of such a tax in the following year, all corresponding to a non-agricultural property with residential destination, exceed five per cent of the annual income of the taxpayer of such a tax in the year prior to the year of the third and fourth fee mentioned" the referred amount will be decreased so that it is equivalent to saying five per cent, provided that, in addition, the following copulativos requirements: 1. have the taxpayer beneficiary at least 60 years of age if it is women 65 years of age or if it is man, in the year prior to that in which the reduction becomes effective.
2 that the annual income of the taxpayer does not exceed the amount equivalent to the section exempt from tax payment global complementary, whereas to this effect the value of the annual tax unit in the month of December of the year preceding that in which the reduction becomes effective.
3. the property whereby the reduction becomes effective is enrolled on your behalf, exclusively or together with your spouse or children that have happened to your deceased spouse, in the registration of property in the conservative's real estate respective, with at least two years old to 31 December of the year prior to that in which the reduction becomes effective.
4. the respective property is intended actually to the room.
5. that tax valuation in existing property in the half of the collection of the land tax by which the reduction becomes effective does not exceed the amount of seventy-five million pesos, to July 1, 2013, amount that is reset semiannually, according to stated in article 9 of law No. 17.235. In the event that the taxpayer has more than one property that qualify for the benefit, this applies to which has the greater tax appraisal.
6 the sum of the tax appraisals of real estate taxpayers, regardless of its number or destination, not to exceed one hundred million pesos, reset in the same way, whereas for this purpose the existing appraisal in the half of the respective territorial tax collection.
This rebate will be applied once considered the housing general exemption and rebates to which the decree with force of law Nº 2, 1959, the Ministry of finance, or the Nº9.135 law, give place accordingly.
In the case of spouses who are co-owners of a property that qualifies for the rebate, to verify compliance with the requirement of number 6, on other goods must join the tax valuation of the property referred roots having the spouses jointly and them having each one separately. Also, each of the spouses must in this case, meet the requirement of annual income limit indicated in number 2. If one of the spouses exceeds this limit, the benefit provided in this article shall be granted to the spouse whose income does not exceed the referral limit, proportional, i.e.: the annual amount of territorial tax that corresponds to the respective property shall be divided according to the percentage of rights or quotas that each spouse has in the property concerned. The part of this annual amount corresponding to assign to the spouse whose income does not exceed the limit concerned, shall not exceed five percent of their annual income. That part that exceeds this amount, must be lowered the annual fee of land tax corresponding to the benefited property.
The same benefit and applying the same rules set forth in the preceding paragraph for the application of the benefit proportionally, will have the surviving spouse who inhabit the respective property, either having it a usufructuary or villager in conjunction with his son or sons of 24 years of age or older, to the extent that meets the above requirements without that it is applicable to the age of two years established at number 3. In this case, for purposes of the requirements set out in the numbers 5 and 6, not joins the appraisals of real estate of any class or series that the children of the surviving spouse might have, or are considered as such property for the purposes of the reduction established in this article. If the children are under 24 years of age and are studying, the surviving spouse shall be entitled to enjoy all of the benefits and not on a pro rata basis.
The benefit provided for in this article shall apply with respect to the third and fourth share of the land tax for the year following that in which the requirements are met for their production, and for first and second year share subsequent, and so on.
The internal revenue service should be checked each year, with a history that in their possession, the fulfilment of the requirements laid down in this article, making a land tax reduction proposal, which must be previously accepted by the taxpayer, in the form and time that such service set by resolution. The proposal shall be notified by registered letter or e-mail, according to the provisions of article 11 of the tax code. Although notification have not been verified or has been made in otherwise legal, shall be notified the proposal since taxpayers who are affected by make to the service or on the institutional web site, any management, process or performance, it involves knowledge of it. Taxpayers who have not been considered by the service for such a proposal, or that do not match the elaborate proposal, may always request the benefit provided for in this article with the Regional Director of the referral service that corresponds to his home, accompanying history proving the fulfilment of the requirements, in the form and term referral service determine by resolution. The resolutions referred to in this subsection shall be issued by the internal revenue service within sixty days following the publication of this law in the official journal.
In any case, taxpayers may claim Giro contributions share that has not considered the rebate benefit established in this article in accordance with the provisions of the articles 123 et seq. of the tax code.