Amends Law Nº 19.175, Orga Unique Constitutional Governance And Administration Regional N, Having Functions And Powers, For President Of The Regional Council


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Disposed of in subsection first article 23 prayer 'and will chair the regional Council'. "

2) amending article 24 in the following sense: to) repealed its letter c), passing the current d) to take its place, and so on.
((b) Reemplazanse in the letter q), who happens to be), the comma and the conjunction "and" is followed by a semicolon.
(((((c) Agreganse the following letters q) and r), new, passing the current letter r) to be s): "q) attend any meeting of the regional Council when it deems it convenient, being able to take part in its discussions with preference to make use of the word, but without the right to vote. During the vote may yet rectify concepts issued by any regional Director to explain your vote, right must be exercised immediately after completed the intervention of the adviser whose concepts would like to rectify. This, in turn, will be entitled to immediate retort;
(r) propose to the President of the Council, before the start of the respective session, the inclusion of one or more subjects in the other. The communication will be in writing to the Executive Secretary. Notwithstanding this, the Mayor may make present the urgency for clearance of a subject or specific initiative, through trade that will lead to the President of the Council. Such matters should be incorporated in the immediately following meeting table. The President of the Council, with the agreement of two-thirds of its members, may discard the request for urgency. "However, if there is a legal or regulatory deadline requiring to be solved within this initiative, or any matter the Council may not exercise the designated school, and".

(3) Incorporanse, then of article 30, the following article 30 bis and 30 ter: "article 30 bis.-at its constituent meeting, the regional Council shall elect from among its members, by an absolute majority of its members in exercise, in public voting, loudly, in alphabetical order of the surnames of the directors, a President, who will remain in office for a period of four years. This constitutive session will be chaired by the President of the Council, provided that you have to continue as an adviser for the corresponding period; in the absence of this, by one of those present who most recently played the role of President and, ultimately, by the Minister in the exercise of older. Only for purposes of the election, this accidental President may not exercise the power indicated on the letter e) article 30 ter. If you do not choose President in the first vote, this will be repeated up to two additional times. Yet, if it is not possible to choose President in the constitutive session of the respective quadrennium, election should be, subject to the norms indicated, at the session immediately following, and so on until this is verified. However, the period of four years will be from the suitable constitutive session.
The designation of the new President shall be communicated to the President of the Republic, through the Ministry of the Interior and public security, to the Mayor and courts of appeals with seat in the respective region and the President of each branch of the National Congress, through its respective Secretary.
The President of the Council shall cease in charge if you incur in any of the grounds described in article 40 of this law, by removing founded agreed by two-thirds of the directors in office, or waiver approved by the majority of Directors in office.
The motion of removal may be submitted by not less than one quarter or more than one-third of the directors in office and will be voted on publicly in the immediately following regular meeting, which will be presided over by one of those present who most recently played the role of President and, ultimately, by the Minister in the exercise of older.
If you adopt the agreement's removal, which should always be founded, it will be, in the regular session, elect the new President of the Council, which will last in office up to the period that remained to who happens.
If the removal motion was rejected, not it may be renewed on the same facts in that was founded, unless new background aportaren or that is fundare in breach of any of the obligations set out in the following article.
The resignation must be deposited by the President in the Secretariat referred to in article 43, which will be in polling of public character in the regular meeting immediately following the date of its presentation. The session that the resignation be voted will be public. If the waiver is approved, or if the President commits on any of the grounds described in article 40, the new elected President will last in this role until the period that remained to whom happens.
In the event of absence or temporary impediment of the Chairman of the Board, shall exercise the Presidency counselor in the Act is chosen, who will serve as such duration of the absence or impediment. However, if the absence or impediment exceeds ninety calendar days counted from the election of who supliere it, be a new election. Elections covered by this subsection shall comply with the provisions of the first paragraph of this article, where appropriate.
Article 30 ter-will be up to the President of the regional Council: to) have the citation of the Council sessions, where appropriate, and to develop the session table, complying with the letter r) of article 24.
((b) open, suspend and lift the sessions in accordance with the regulations referred to in the letter to) article 36.
(c) chair the sessions and direct discussions.
((d) order that it is received the vote, set their order and proclaim the decisions of the Council, requires report of the Division of analysis and Management Control as the regulations referred to in the letter otherwise to) article 36.
(e) exercise the right of casting vote in cases in a tie occurs in the result of the vote.
(f) maintain order in the premises, and may request, if it considers it necessary, the assistance of the security forces.
(g) maintain the correspondence of the Council with the Mayor, the courts of appeals with seat in the region, with the Regional Electoral Court and the respective regional Comptroller. Correspondence with any other body or person will take effect by the Secretary-General referred to in article 43, on behalf of the Council and by order of the President.
(h) to sign the minutes of meetings, official communications that are directed on behalf of the Council or of a Director and the other documents requiring your signature.
((i) formalize the communication about the adoption of acts of the Council on the following instruments of the regional government, as well as their amendments: 1) Plan of the development of the Region.
(2) Regional land use plan.
(3) Community regulatory plans.
(4) inter-communal regulatory plans.
5) programming conventions.
(6) territorial agreements.
(7) regional regulations.
(8) draft Regional investments.
(j) sign, only for the purpose of ratifying the agreement of the regional Council, the administrative acts which formalize the approval of all the instruments referred to in the preceding letter, with the exception of programming conventions.
(k) give public statements, in the month of December of each year, both the Mayor and the Council, as well as the mayors of the region and regional community, approved standards, resolutions, control actions carried out by the Council and all other relevant fact that should be put in the indicated authorities.
(l) Act on behalf of the Council in acts of Protocol that apply.
((m) take care of the observance of the regulations referred to in the letter to) article 36. "."

((4) Introducense, in article 36, the following amendments: to) add, in the letter to), then the words "work committees", the phrase "whose presidencies may not be exercised by the President of the Council".
((b) delete, in the letter g), the expression "President of the Council and".
(5) replace, in the third paragraph of article 73, the phrase "regional councils shall appoint one of its members together with Mayor represent them in it.", by the following: "the President of the Council and the Mayor will represent the regional government at this stage.".