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Removed paragraph first of its article 54, the expression "and the private house". "
(2) Intercalanse, then of article 146, the following articles 146 bis and ter 146: "article 146 bis.-without prejudice to the provisions in point 3 of article 10, the contract of the workers of private house must indicate the type of work to be carried out and specific address where you must provide the services, as well as appropriate" , the obligation of assistance to people requiring care or special care.
Article 146 ter-the employer must give a copy of the contract duly signed to the worker. In addition, you must register it within fifteen days of its celebration at the headquarters or at the Web site of the respective Labour Inspectorate, with indication of the same agreed provisions, in order to facilitate the control of the existence of the employment relationship and employment conditions. The Labour Inspectorate will keep the identity of the parties and of the address book in the services and may only use the information for the purpose of control or to provide to the courts of Justice, prior requirement.
The employer required in the domicile indicated by a labour inspector in the exercise of its powers of control, concerning the working conditions of workers in private house, may accept your income to this address or request fixing another date and time to go to the offices of the labour inspectorate with documentation that is required. "."
(3) Replace subparagraph first of article 149 with the following: "(Artículo 149.-La jornada de los trabajadores de casa particular que no vivan en la casa deel empleador estará sujeta a las siguientes reglas: a) may not exceed forty-five hours a week, without prejudice to the provisions of point (d))."
b) may distribute up to within a maximum of six days.
c) will be applicable as provided in paragraph first of article 34.
(d) the parties may agree in writing to a maximum of 15 additional hours a week working, non cumulative to other weeks, which will be paid with a surcharge not exceeding the designated in the third paragraph of article 32.
It should the agreement not recorded in writing, be they charged to the maximum of fifteen hours per week specified in this letter, the hours worked in excess of the agreed day, with knowledge of the employer.
(e) the period that mediate between the beginning and the end of the work in any case to exceed twelve continuous hours, whereas both the day and the rest within it. "."
4) be replaced with the letter a) of the second paragraph of article 150 the following to) and (b)), passing the current letter b) to be c): "a) shall have the right to weekly rest day Sunday."
(b) have the right to rest day Saturday, which, by common agreement, may accumulate, split or exchanged for other days of the week. If you accumulate, these days must be granted by the employer within the respective calendar month. These breaks may not be compensated in money as the employment relationship is effective. "."
((5) Incorporanse the following modifications in article 151: to) replace in your paragraph first sentence ", including in addition to the payment in cash, food, and the room where the required services require that the worker live in the employer's House", with the following: "and in legal tender, without that you understand food and room which will always be in charge of the employer".
(b) Suprimense its subparagraphs second, third and fourth.
(6) add the following article 151 bis: "article 151 bis.-no employer may condition the recruitment of workers in private house, its permanence or renewal of contract, or promotion or mobility at work, the use of uniforms, aprons or any other distinctive or clothing identifiers in spaces, places or public establishments such as parks, squares, beaches, restaurants, hotels, warehouses ' , social clubs and others of a similar nature. "."