Modifies The Law Nâ ° 20,551 Governing The Closure And Mining Facilities And Introduces Other Legal Modifications


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"(Artículo 1º.-Modifíca_se la ley Nº 20.551, que Regula el Cierre de Faenas e Instalaciones Mineras, en el siguiente sentido: 1) Agreganse, in the letter q) of article 3, the following second and third paragraphs:" without prejudice to the above, for those mining companies whose purpose is the extraction or benefit of one or more mineral deposits, and whose ore mining capacity exceeding 10,000 gross tons (10,000 t) monthly by mining task "" , and less than or equal to five hundred thousand (500.000 t) gross tons monthly by mining operations, the life of the mining project will correspond to the calculation that is performed on the basis of mineral resources measured, indicated and inferred, certified by a competent person in resources and mining reserves, according to the study of diagnosis, established in the code for the certification of exploration prospects Resources and mining reserves, according to the provisions of law No. 20.235.
Furthermore, the calculation of the useful life of hydrocarbons projects will be certified by a competent person in resources and mining reserves, according to the provisions of law No. 20.235, with experience in evaluation of hydrocarbon reserves and resources. "."

(2) add, in paragraph first article 12, then the separate point, which happens to be followed, the following sentence: "However, this plan may be unapproved while the method of operation, storage or treatment of minerals of the corresponding mining task not previously approved by the service.".

(3) Agreganse, in article 16, the following third and fourth subparagraphs: "without prejudice to the foregoing, with respect to this type of mining companies closing plans, whose ore mining capacity does not exceed 5,000 gross tons (5,000 t) monthly by mining operations and lack of production, deposit of tailings or tailings Leach plant" It will be compliance with this obligation by presenting a statement containing the background relating to the individualization of the mining operations and the mining company, and specify measures of closure referred only to the dismantling, closing of access, signage and measures of physical stability of deposits of sterile or waste dumps.
However, if you have one or more production plants, deposit of tailings or tailings leaching, must be, also, declared following actions and measures: sensing facilities; removal of materials and spare parts; management of residues or waste hazardous, industrial, or domestic; protection of structures remaining; establishment of channels perimeter and a drainage system; compaction of berm Crest; coverage with material that avoids erosion; measures of physical stability for the wall of the dam and construction of ditches interceptor, as appropriate. "."

(4) replace the second paragraph of article 23 with the following: "the decision that to rule on the project of updating shall be given within the period of sixty days, counted since joining the service, in accordance with the approval procedure established in this Act and its regulations.".

(5) add, at the end of the fifth paragraph of article 48, after the separate point, which happened to be followed, the following final sentence: "Without prejudice to the foregoing, holders of this obligation will begin to provide the guarantee from the approval of the closure by the service plan.".

(6) replace the second paragraph of article 50 by the following: article 3 "(La determinación de la vida útil se efectuará conforme a lo establecido en la letra q).".