Perfect System Of Improvement Of The Quality Of The Treatment To The User Of Health Facilities


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"(Artículo 1º.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones en la ley Nº 20.645: 1) (changed first subparagraph of article 3 in the following manner: to) (replaced the letter b) with the following:"b) Under Secretary of welfare networks, report of the Technical Committee which will be integrated by a representative of the Secretariat and one from the direction of budgets, you must define the assessment tool " which may be updated from the two years of use. This instrument must contain implementation of a survey of perceptions of treatment to users of municipal health facilities. "."

((b) replace, in the letter c), the phrase "the technical bases of the respective tender" by "the respective terms of reference or the technical basis".

((c) replace, in the letter d), the number "18" by "15".

((((((d) delete the letter e), passing the current letters f) and g) to be letters e) and f), respectively.

(e) replace the current letter f), which has become a letter e), with the following: "e) primary municipal health care establishments will be sorted decreasingly according to the result obtained in the application of the evaluation instrument, classified according to the following sections: i. section 1: 33% of health facilities which have obtained the best results in the evaluation process."
II. section 2: the next 33% of health facilities.
III. section 3: 34% remaining health facilities, up to 100%.

A decimal that is rounded up to the nearest integer should be considered to establish the percentage corresponding to each tranche.
However, municipal, to access the benefit health primary care facilities, should reach in the assessment tool a score of at least 65% or its equivalent in the measurement of treatment users. "."

(((f) incorporate then the current letter g), happened to be letter f), the following letter g): "g) Notwithstanding provisions above literals, if due to the employed evaluation methodology, in the cut of each section corresponding establishments of the same unit of analysis with equal score, they will ascend to the upper section and will start the next leg with the remaining establishments that follow in descending order.".

((g) replace the first sentence of the letter i) with the following: "the application of the survey be made until September 15 of each year.".

((h) replace the letter j) with the following: "j) a regulation issued by the Ministry of health, also signed by the Minister of finance, shall regulate the minimum contents and aspects that should be considered in the assessment tool, the methodology, criteria of breakpoint referred to the literal f), evaluation factors, elements and procedures that should contemplate such an assessment" as well as the rules of functioning of the Technical Committee and any other necessary adjustment to the appropriate conferral of the benefit. "."

(2) enter the following article 3 bis: when there is a State of sanitary alert declared in accordance with article 36 of the sanitary code. "
(b) when the establishment occur incidental or consequential events arising from disasters; severe damage to its infrastructure, or acts of violence or terrorist acts that impede or severely alter their ability to serve users.

In any case, the suspension of the application of the instrument, according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, shall be ordered by founded exempt resolution of the Under-Secretary of health care networks, which must indicate the means of verification of the occurrence of the causes. In addition, previously require a report of the Technical Committee established in (b)) of article 3.
In situations referred to in this article, the amount of the allocation of treatment improvement to the user that the establishments officials will receive that was not applied evaluation instrument will correspond to the one assigned to the section that was classified to the establishment last year. "."

(3) replace the article 9th by the following: "article 9.-budgetary resources covered by this law only may be granted up to a maximum annual amount of $9.893.540 thousands. Starting in the year 2016, that amount will reset annually in the percentage that results from adding one who is determined to adjust the remuneration of the public sector more percentage annually to increase the population registered in primary health care facilities, according to provisions in the penultimate paragraph of article 18 of the decree with force of law Nº 1 the Ministry of health, promulgated the year 2005 and published in 2006, and validated by the national health fund. By resolution exempted from the Secretariat for welfare networks, which will dictate more no later than the month of April, will establish the percentage that the annual maximum amount designated above, previous visa of the Directorate of budgets will be reset.
Starting in the year 2016 may annually grant of extraordinary contributions to the quantity indicated in the first paragraph, to the extent that increase the provision of PHC municipal derived exclusively from the following: the implementation of new health facilities properly received or the implementation and execution of new health programs; or other increases in endowment contemplated in future legal bodies. The amount of these extraordinary contributions, where appropriate, shall be fixed annually by Supreme Decree of the Ministry of health, also signed by the Minister of finance, issued under the formula "By order of the President of the Republic". "."