Modifies The Insurance Of Cesanta Of The Law Nº 19.728

Original Language Title: MODIFICA EL SEGURO DE CESANTÍA DE LA LEY Nº 19.728

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Sole article.-Introducense the following modifications in the Nº19.728 law, which establishes unemployment insurance: 1) replaced the table of the second paragraph of article 15 with the following: 2) replace the second paragraph of article 24 with the following: "without prejudice to the provisions of the following article, a worker shall not receive more than ten partial or fully funded funded benefits payments to the unemployment solidarity fund , in a period of five years. "."

(((3) amended article 25 of the following form: a) replaced subsection table first by the following: b) replace, in the second paragraph, the expression "second month, with percentages and marked upper and lower values for the fourth and fifth months of the established in the previous paragraph table" by "third month, with percentages and upper and lower values indicated in the following table :".
(((c) Insert, between the current second paragraph and the third subparagraph, the following table: d) replace the third subparagraph by the following table: e) Reemplazanse, fourth paragraph, the expressions "second" transfer "third twist" and "third and fourth giro" by "fourth and fifth rotation".
(f) Insert the following subparagraph fifth, new, passing the current subsection fifth to sixth, and so on: "additional money designated in the third and fourth subparagraphs shall not be considered for the maximum number of payment of benefits referred to in the second paragraph of article 24.".
(g) replace, in the first sentence of the fifth paragraph, that happened to be sixth, the expression "first and third" by "first, second, and third", and the word "February" by "March".

(4) be added, then article 25 bis, the following article 25 ter, new: "article 25 ter-the unemployment solidarity fund will contribute to the count of individual capitalization required for pensions of beneficiaries who have opted for the Fund, an amount equivalent to 10% of the provision for severance pay corresponding receive according to article 25." The contribution referred to in this article shall be heard by the society administrator of the Fund and will not be fond of collecting commissions from the corresponding pension funds administrator. "."

(5) replaced article 28 with the following: "article 28.-the beneficiary is not entitled to the benefits provided for in this paragraph, or cease granted, depending on the case and for each layoff event, if you are not seeking employment effectively." For these purposes, it shall be deemed that the beneficiary does not seek an effective employment when: to) is not inscribiere in the national job market.

(b) not it postulare, repeatedly and without just cause, to a job opportunity that is available as it informs you the respective Municipal job placement Office or the national employment exchange.
(c) not it concurriere, repeatedly and without just cause, to job interviews properly mediated by the same institutions referred to in the previous letter.
(d) you reject, without justified cause, an immediate employment opportunity or the training offered by the respective Municipal job placement office or the national employment exchange.
(e) reject, without just cause, a scholarship of training offered and funded by the national training and employment service.
For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, shall be deemed justified causes for the beneficiary, causes of similar entity, such as: to) suffering from any disease or disability preventing him to develop the employment offered.
(b) reside at a location distant from the place where the interview of employment, where the respective employment should play or where do the offered training takes place.
(c) the employment or training grant offered no related skills, or skills from previous employment or cause serious damage to your employment status or professional, college or technical studies.
(d) the employment offered no allows you to receive a compensation equal to or greater than 50% of the last accrued in the previous job.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, a regulation issued by the Ministry of labour and Social Security, which shall be signed by the Minister of finance, shall establish the criteria and conditions to determine the origin of the justified reasons to that referred to in this article, as well as the requirements, procedure and mechanisms to accredit its concurrence and, in general, any rule for the proper application of this provision. "."

((6) amended article 34 B in the following way: to) delete, in its first paragraph, the word "Secretariat" that follows the expression "Hacienda",.
(b) replace, in its first paragraph, the expression "and work" by ", labour and Social Welfare, the Superintendent of Social Security".

(7) replace, in article 61, the expression "members of unemployment insurance" by "older than 18 years of age".

((8) amended article 63 in the following way: to) replace, in its first paragraph and the first sentence of your second paragraph, the expression "affiliated insurance" by "older than 18 years of age".
(b) Reemplazanse their third and fourth subparagraphs by the following: "the national employment Exchange Administrator shall inform the registered unemployed training and opportunities available jobs, according to the order of priority established the rate of employability, prepared by the Secretariat for the work.
Must also maintain a database of registered workers, information worker and your rate of employability, as also of those employers offering job vacancies and other records determined by the Sub-Secretariat of labour, according to the bid bases. "."
(c) replace, at the beginning of the fifth paragraph, the word "The" with the expression "the Sub-Secretariat of labour, the".

((9) amending article 64 in the following way: to) Reemplazanse the second and third subparagraphs by the following: "the administering entity of the national employment exchange is entitled to a remuneration whose funding will be in charge of the solidarity fund of severance pay and the national service for training and employment, in the proportion that is established in a regulation issued jointly by the ministries of labour and Social Welfare and finance.
Terminated the contract of administration of the national employment exchange for the causes set forth in the bidding rules, the entity that is providing the service shall transfer to the Sub-Secretariat of labour or who is determined by the computer systems and data bases used to allow the continuity of the service. "."
(b) replaced, in the fourth paragraph, the expression "this article" with "this Act".
(c) replace the fifth subparagraph by the following: "that during the transfer of the administration of the national employment exchange causes a non-incidental damage to databases that are part of it, deny or impede delivery or grant it in incomplete form, shall be punished with the penalties referred to in the sixth subparagraph of article 34 , without prejudice to the application to the administering entity of the bag of the sanctions that establish the basis for tendering and the respective contract. "."

(10) replace, in article 65, the figure "78" by "73".