Sets N To Fishing Except With The Nea's Hand Of The Species Horse Mackerel And Modifies Regulácia Ampliacia Ra N N Moan A Areas Of Management And Explotacia Of Resources Benta Nicos


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(Incorporanse, in the article 3, the following amendments: to) added, in his letter c), the following final paragraph: "for the development of the activity of mackerel fishing exerted only line of hand aboard vessels without" " cover less than 12 metres in length, the Undersecretary will reserve, before the division between sectors, an annual limit, in percentage or tons which will be than 0,040% of the global annual catch quota. "."

((b) incorporate, in its letter f), the following final paragraph: "in the case of those small pelagic fisheries in which species constitute a mixed fishery and are subject to a programme or plan in accordance with article 7 º A, may authorize all or a percentage of catches made in any of these species are imputed" , jointly, to the sum of global quotas which are established. For the purposes previously outlined, the unloading of resources will be allowed upon certification of these. "."

(2) incorporate the following article 28 B: "article 28 B.-holders of tradable fishing licences class A or B shall comply with the provisions of article 17.".

(3) in article 40 C insert the following subsection, new, passing current subparagraphs fourth and fifth, to fifth and sixth, respectively: "the shipowner which carry out fishing operations in fisheries managed by tradable fishing or special fishing permits, licenses without a license or permit, or without that they are entered in the register referred to in article 30 will be punished in accordance with the procedure in paragraph first, applying a fine, at all events, of 1,200 monthly tax units, and multiplication will apply triple tons the infringed. "."

(4) in article 44 merge, between the expressions "authorization" and "or" permission", the expression," license".

((5) replace, in the paragraph of article 50, in the letter a) of the paragraph third from article 50 to, article 50 B of the first subparagraph, and article 55 I first subparagraph, ninth the figure "33" by "24".

((6) in article 50 to letter c), insert, between the expressions "bycatch" and "fisheries", the phrase "or species associated in the case of benthic resources".

(7) in article 50 B fifth subsection, replace the figure "29" by "28".

((8) in article 51 letter to), replace the figure "29" by "28".

(9) in article 55 third paragraph, replace "50 A" by "50 B" expression.

(10) in article 55 N ninth paragraph, replace the word "former" by "seventh".

(11) in article 63 Add the following final paragraph: "the delivery of information that should be made, in accordance with this article shall be simple, complete, accurate and timely manner.".

(12) in article 63 c, final paragraph, replace the expression "113 B" by "113 D".

(13) in article 64 B paragraph first, insert a semi-colon after the word "industrial".

(14) in article 91, fourth subparagraph: i. eliminated, the first time that appears, the expression ", as well as to the Fisheries Development Institute".
II. Agreganse, then the words "require proposals", the second time that appear, the words "of research".

(15) in article 92, third paragraph, the phrase "by public tender' shall be replaced by"in accordance with law No. 19.886".

(16) in article 113: i. be repealed, third paragraph.
II. in the fourth paragraph, replace the sentence "to which refers article 63 ter" by "a referring articles 63, 63 bis and ter 63".
III. Insert the following subsection fifth, new, becoming the current fifth sixth: "in case that the information provided in compliance with article 63 ter is false, the sanction will be fine of 50 to 300 monthly tax units.".

(17) in article 129 paragraph first: i. replace the word "being" by the expression "which may be".
II. Add, then the expression "to determine their destiny", the phrase "either be placed immediately at the disposal of the Court".

((18) add, in the letter i) Article 152, the following final paragraph: "in the event that the Zonal Council group to more than one region, each of the aforementioned members must represent at least a region, independent of the category concerned.".

(19) Insert, in article 162, the following subsection fifth, new, passing the current subsection fifth to be sixth: "subject as indicated in the preceding paragraph, the service shall be entitled to authorise that artisanal fishing vessels that carry out fishing operations in the regions of Los Lagos, Aysén of General Carlos Ibáñez the field and Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic develop" In addition, the activity of boat transport, in the form and conditions established through resolution. "."