Inclusia School N Which Regulates The Admisia N Of The Students, Eliminating Shared Funding And Proha Be Profit In Educational Establishments That Receive Contributions From The State


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(Amended article 3 in the following sense: to) (add the following letter b) " new, becoming the current c), and so on: "b) free. The State will implement progressively free education in subsidized establishments or receiving permanent contributions from the State, in accordance with the law. "."
(((b) replace the letter e), which has become f), with the following: "f) diversity. The system should promote and respect the diversity of institutional educational projects and processes, as well as the cultural, religious and social diversity of the families that have chosen a different and specific project, and which are served by it, in accordance with the Constitution and the laws.
Educational institutions of property or administration of the State secular training, will be promoted in that is, respectful of all religious expression, and citizen of the students training in order to promote their participation in society. "."
((c) added in the letter f), happened to be g), the following new second paragraph: "Likewise, the education system should promote the principle of responsibility of students, especially in relation to the exercise of their rights and the performance of their duties, school, civic, citizens and social." This principle will be extended to parents and guardians, in relation to the education of their children or wards. "."
((d) replace the letter h), which has become i), with the following: "i) flexibility." The system must allow the adaptation of the process to the diversity of realities, ensuring the freedom of education and the possibility of existence of various institutional educational projects. "."
((e) replace the letter j), which has become k), by the following: "k) integration and inclusion." System endeavour to eliminate all forms of arbitrary discrimination that impede learning and participation of the students.
In addition, the system will lead to educational establishments to be a place of encounter between students of different conditions socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, gender, nationality or religion. "."
((f) replace the letter k), which has become a l), by the following: "l) sustainability." The system will include and promote respect for the natural and cultural environment, good relationship, and the rational use of natural resources and their sustainability, as an expression of concrete solidarity with current and future generations. "."
(((((g) Agreganse the following letters n) and n), passing the current letter l) to be m): "n) dignity of the human being. The system should be directed to the full development of the human personality and the sense of its dignity, and shall strengthen the respect, protection and promotion of human rights and the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Constitution politics, as well as the international treaties ratified by Chile and are in force.
(n) comprehensive education. The education system will seek to develop alternative viewpoints in the evolution of reality and the multiple forms of knowing, moreover, considering the aspects of physical, social, moral, aesthetic, creative, and spiritual, with special attention to the integration of all the sciences, arts, and disciplines of knowledge. "."

((2) amending article 4 in the following sense: to) be inserted following paragraph second, new, becoming current subparagraphs second to tenth, subsections third to eleventh, respectively: "is the duty of the State tend to ensure inclusive quality education to all people." Also, is the duty of the State promoting conditions for the access and permanence of students with special educational needs in regular or special education establishments, to be generated according to the best interests of the child or ward. "."
(b) insert in your third paragraph, which happened to be fourth, between the words "access" and "a", the phrase "equitable, inclusive and without arbitrary discrimination".
(c) replace, in its fifth paragraph, which happened to be sixth, the phrase "social inclusion and equity" by "social inclusion, equity, freedom and tolerance".

((3) amended article 5 in the following sense: to) replaced the expression "education" with the phrase "inclusive education".
(b) Insert, between the adjective "arbitrary"; and the verb "stimulate" the prayer "the development of a civic and secular culture, that is, respectful of all religious expression; and to promote the ethical and solidarity-based active participation of people in society, based on international treaties on human rights ratified by Chile and are in force; "."

4) amended article 10 in the following sense: to) replace, in paragraph first letter to), the phrase "adequate and timely" by "and adequate, timely and inclusive education".
((b) delete, in paragraph first letter to), the phrase ", in accordance with the internal regulations of the establishment", and added, as the penultimate sentence, as follows: "Also have the right to respect the traditions and customs of the places in which they reside, in accordance with the institutional education project and the internal regulations of the establishment.".
((c) Insert, in paragraph first letter b), between the expressions "to and"be", the first time they appear, the phrase" "associate freely, in order to achieve a better education for their children, to".
((d) add, in paragraph first letter b), then the phrase "informed by" the expression "holder and".
e) add, in paragraph first letter b), then of the words "children", the expression "or pupils".
((f) incorporated into the paragraph first letter b), then the word "academics", the phrase"school coexistence".
((g) replace the second paragraph of point (b)), by the following: "for their part, are duties of the parents and guardians educate their children, learn, respect, and contribute to fulfilling the educational project, norms of coexistence and the operation of the establishment they choose to; support their educational processes; comply with the commitments assumed with the educational establishment; comply with its internal regulations and provide eco-friendly members of the educational community. "."

((5) amended article 11 in the following sense: to) replace, in the second paragraph, the expression "in establishments receiving State contribution," by "In educational institutions officially recognized by the State,".
(b) replace, in the fifth paragraph, the expression "subsidized" by "officially recognized by the State".
(c) delete, in the fifth paragraph, the phrase "among the first transition level of up to sixth year of basic general education and preschool education,".
(d) replaced, in the sixth paragraph, the word "Also", by the expression "However" and the word "funded", "officially recognized by the State".

(6) replace article 12 with the following: "article 12.-in the process of admission of the subsidized establishments or receiving regular contributions from the State, any past or potential school performance of the applicant may be." Furthermore, in these processes is requirement the presentation of history of the family of the applicant, such as level of education, socioeconomic status civil and patrimonial situation of the parents, mothers or guardians.
The process of admission of students to the educational establishments will be carried out through a system that ensures the transparency, fairness and equality of opportunity, and to ensure the preferential right of parents, mothers or guardians to choose the educational establishment for their children.
As indicated in the preceding subparagraphs is without prejudice to the provisions of the decree with force of law No. 2 of 1998, the Ministry of education. "."

((7) amended article 13 in the following sense: to) replace the subparagraph first with the following: "article 13.-Notwithstanding everything stipulated in the previous article, the process of admission of students must be objective and transparent, published in electronics, in brochures or murals public." In any case you may implement processes involving arbitrary discrimination, and must ensure respect for the dignity of pupils, students and their families, in accordance with the guarantees recognized in the Constitution and in international treaties on human rights ratified by Chile, especially those that related to children's rights and that are in force. "."
(b) add, in the second paragraph, after the word "report" the phrase ", where appropriate and in accordance with the law".
(c) add a third paragraph, of the following tenor:
"Those directly affected by an act or omission that import arbitrary discrimination in education can bring the action of no arbitrary discrimination established by law Nº20.609, without prejudice to the provisions of the Convention on the fight against discrimination in the education.".

(8) Agreganse, in article 45, the following fifth and sixth subparagraphs: "an educational establishment that has begun the process of official recognition only may initiate activities once fully completed the administrative act of official recognition referred to in the subparagraph first of this article.
Failure to comply with the requirement described in the foregoing paragraph shall be deemed a serious breach, as provided for in article 76 of the law Nº 20.529. "."

9) amending article 46 in the following sense: to) Insert, in paragraph first letter to), then the word "created", the expression "or recognized".
((b) replace the second paragraph of the letter to), by the following: "all holders who receive grants or regular contributions from the State will not pursue profit, and must allocate in full and exclusive manner those contributions and any other income for educational purposes. Also must pay public statements regarding its use and shall be subject to the control and audit of the Superintendency of education. "."
((c) replace, in the third paragraph of the letter to), then the expression "requirements:", the word "Be" for "being", and add, after the semicolon following the phrase "of education", the following sentence: "must not have been convicted, on more than one occasion within the last five years, by a court in the Republic for having exercised anti-union practices for having breached the Act Nº19.631 as to the payment of social security contributions for their employees, or by virtue of actions of labour protection for violation of fundamental rights of workers; "."
((d) add, in the third paragraph of the letter to), after the word "convicted", the following: ", such as author, accomplice or abettor,".
((e) Insert, in the third paragraph of its letter to), between the word "law" and the point aside, the following sentence ", and must not have been convicted with the penalty of perpetual absolute disqualification for charges, jobs, trades or professions exercised in educational areas or involving a direct and regular relationship with minors referred to in article 39 bis of the Penal Code".
((f) add, in its letter b), then separate point, which happens to be a comma, the following sentence "which, in any case, shall safeguard the principle of no arbitrary discrimination, and may not include conditions or standards that affect the dignity of the person, or which are contrary to the human rights guaranteed by the Constitution and international treaties ratified by Chile and are in force" , especially those related to children's rights. "."
((g) add, in the final paragraph of the letter g), between the word "domestic" and the end point, the phrase ", or the disqualification penalty established in article 39 bis of the Penal Code".