It Lays Down Rules On Staff Of The Ministry Of Education


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"Article 1.-empowering the President of the Republic so that within the period of 180 days, counted from the publication of this law, establish, through one or more decrees having the force of law, issued through the Ministry of education and also signed by the Minister of finance, the necessary rules to regulate the following matters: 1.-set the plant's personnel of the Ministry of education."

2. enact all necessary standards for the adequate structuring and functioning of plants set and, in particular, determine the grades and levels of the unique scale of salaries allocated to such plants; the number of posts for each grade and plant; the General and specific requirements for entry and promotion of the charges included in them; their denominations; levels for the implementation of article 8 of the decree with force of law No. 29, the Ministry of Finance promulgated the year 2004 and published the year 2005, which sets the text revised, coordinated and systematized law No. 18.834, on administrative status, specifying charges exclusive confidence and career, and establish standards complementary to article 15 of this latest legal body for the placements of staff derived from plants that fix.

The General and specific requirements to be established in the exercise of the right referred to in this article shall not be enforceable plant officials and contractual for purposes of typecasting. Likewise, shall not officials contract in service at the date of entry into force of the or of the respective decrees having force of law referred to in this article and those whose contracts be extended under the same conditions enforceable requirements that settle down in the decrees with force of law relevant.

3. to determine the date of entry into force of the plants that fix. The Ministry of education will proceed to do the placements within a period of 180 days from the entry into force of the decree with force of law which establishes such plants.
However the provisions of this article, determine that the degrees of the single salary scale, initials and superiors of the plant that is set, are as follows:-plant managers: grades 9th and 2nd.
-Plant professionals: 14 grades and 4th.
-Technical plant: 16 grades and 9th.
-Floor administrative: degrees 20 ° and 10 °.
-Auxiliary plant: 22 ° degrees and 18 degrees.

The largest expenditure arising from the exercise of the power of this article, considering their full year effect, shall not exceed the amount of 1.300 million pesos.
The use of the powers referred to in this article shall be subject to the following restrictions with respect to staff that affect: to) it may not be as a result or it may be considered as causal term of services, removal of charges, cessation of functions, or term of employment of the staff. You can not import change of the habitual residence of officials outside the region in which you are providing services, except with your consent.

(b) you can does not mean cessation of functions, remuneration reduction or modification of pension rights of staff. Any difference in remuneration must be paid by the supplementary form, which will be absorbed by the future improvements of remunerations corresponding to officials, except derivatives of General adjustments that are granted to workers in the public sector. This form will keep the same taxation than that of pay that compensates.

(c) net officials kept the allocation of antiquity that have recognized as also computable time for this recognition.