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"(Artículo 1º.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones en la ley Nº 20.378, que Crea un Subsidio Nacional para el Transporte Público Remunerado de Pasajeros: 1.-En el artículo 2º: a) replace, in the first paragraph, the sentence"this maximum limit will reset annually in the budget Act, considering the variation that experiment the index of prices to the consumer.", by the following" : "This maximum limit will reset annually in the budget law, which considered the variation which experience the consumer price index or the methodology of reset, effectively, including projections of changes in the costs of the system. This methodology will be established by Supreme Decree of the Ministry of transport and telecommunications, also signed by the Minister of finance, considering one or more of the following cost factors: price of petroleum diesel, observed the United States of America dollar and passengers per kilometer rate.

(b) modify the third paragraph in the following sense: i. be inserted between the word "Trolley" and the phrase "and taxibuses", the phrase ", trams, lifts, cable cars, for paid public passenger transport".
II. be inserted between the word "air" and the comma that follows, the phrase "or other ways propelled by external mechanisms, such as overhead lines or cables".

2.-in article 5: to) replace in the first paragraph, the phrase "and safety and driver education" with the following: ", security or driver education, which may be considered the delivery of psychological and legal counseling to the victims of traffic accidents".
(b) insert in the third subparagraph, the expression "or private entities" and the comma that is followed, the phrase "or public or non-profit".

3. Add, in article 7, the following third paragraph: "In any case, procedures biddable, bidding or contracting of concession of roads, establishment of operating conditions, perimeters of exclusion or other equivalent method, and delivery of benefits arising from the application of this law, shall not constitute acts burdensome purchase of movable property or services required for the development of the functions of the Administration"..

(4 Insert, in subparagraph e) article 14, between the phrases "Transport and telecommunications", and "which does not necessarily", prayer "and the required terms, such as concession contracts of use of roads and their complementary services, or similar instruments of regulation of the public transport services of passengers, such as regulated in the law Nº18.696 exclusion perimeter ,".

5 insert in article 18, the expression "30 monthly tax units" and the followed point, the following sentence: ", as a basis, more 20 monthly tax units per session, and may not perceive in total more than 70 tax units per month, whereas the diet proportional to the period and the payment for attendance at meetings.".
6 Agreganse in article 20 the following fourth and fifth subparagraphs: "the Ministry of transport and telecommunications may acquire, install, manage, lease and operate the bus terminals and intermodal which are required for the provision of paid public transport of passengers and their ancillary services.
Likewise, the Ministry of transport and telecommunications may establish, within the framework of a concession of way use pursuant to the law Nº 18.696, a perimeter of exclusion or in the establishment of conditions of operation or other equivalent method, the inclusion of fiscal lands, municipal or private, prior authorisation of their owners and the competent bodies destined to terminals or other properties that are necessary for the provision of paid public transport services. "."

7 be replaced in article 21 the phrase "referred to in the second paragraph of article 20 or" by the following: "referred to in the second and fourth subparagraphs of article 20 or".
8 replaced by subsection first article 21 bis the expression "executor of the work" by "transport and telecommunications".
9.-in the third transitional article: to) modify your subsection first follows: i. replace the sentence "this threshold will be reduced gradually, starting from the year 2018 at 1% over the preceding year. The resulting amount will reset annually in the budget Act, considering the variation that experiment the index of prices to the consumer."with the following:" also authorised an additional special contribution to the previous amount, which may be up to $120,000,000 thousands year 2015, 2016, 2017 and $260,000,000 thousands from the year 2018 to 2022. " The amount resulting from the sum of the special contribution and the additional special contribution can be reset in the same way as the amount laid down in article 2. "."
II. the expression "of this special contribution" be replaced by the phrase "the special contribution and the additional special contribution".

(b) replace in the second paragraph the expression "5%" for "10%".
(c) Agreganse the following subparagraphs fourth, fifth and sixth: "with resources from the special contribution additional to that referred to in this article, and prior to the distribution referred to in the second paragraph, as he is stated in the respective budgets of the Public Sector law, granted during the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 a refund equal to 5 monthly tax units collective taxi owners that" to March 31 of the above-mentioned years are recorded in the national register of transport services of passengers and which remain entered in the register the date of applying for the same.
In the event that, subsequent to 31 March of each of the years referred to in the preceding paragraph, has been the replacement of a jeepney to the concerned registry, by application of the provisions of article 73 bis of Decree Supreme No. 212 of 1992 of the Ministry of transport and telecommunications, the refund shall be made to the owner of the vehicle entering the replacement registration from the sale provided that the new vehicle is with existing registration when registering at the time of the request for reimbursement.
A regulation issued by the Ministry of transport and telecommunications, also signed by the Minister of finance, shall determine how to make cash refund, which sets forth the terms, conditions and modes of proof requirements, such as the display of the registration certificate, certificates of technical review and current emissions, deadlines for access to this schedule procedure and form of payment, treasuries and other relevant standards for its correct granting service. This Regulation shall be issued within thirty days following publication of this law in the official journal. "."
10.-replaced, in the literal to) the number 1 of the third paragraph of the transient fourth article, the expression "safety, quality" by "safety or quality".