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Original Language Title: Sin Titulo

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" Article 1.o Introduce in the text of the Code of Military Justice the following amendments:
(a) Suppose article 5 (4) or (4);
(b) Article 7.e should be substitted by the following:
"Article 7.o For the purposes of this Code, the Carabineros of Chile and the recruiting officers shall be considered to be military";
(c) Replace, in article 8.o, the words "in the numbers 3.o and 4.o", by these other words: "at number 3.o ";
(d) Replace article 15 with the following:
" Article 15. The President of the Republic shall establish a permanent military court in the seat of each of the divisions or brigades in which it is divided, in peacetime, the strength of the Army, or where the needs of the service require it.
The President of the Republic may also determine the jurisdictional territory of each of these military courts ";
(e) To add, at the end of article 45, subparagraph 3.o, the following sentence: "... or abolish them when they deem it appropriate";
(f) To add to the end of article 52, the following new subparagraph:
"However, the Martial Court of Santiago shall have a special rapporteur, appointed by the President of the Republic";
(g) Paragraph II of Title III of Book II should be deleted;
(h) Article 196 of the Constitution should be read as follows:
" Article 196. Any member of the Army who has been charged in a military process, from the moment he is notified of the arrest warrant, will receive only half of his salary, and no rewards. If he is acquitted or pronounced in his favour a final or temporary self-determination, he or she shall be entitled to be paid the salary part and the gratification which he has ceased to receive ";
(i) In article 197, delete the following words: "... or for the weapon to which it belongs";
(j) Article 198 shall be remade by the following:
" Article 198. The organization and functioning of these courts of honour shall be governed by a regulation issued by the President of the Republic ";
(k) Articles 199, 200, 201 and 202 are deleted;
(l) Article 203 should be substipted by the following:
" Article 203. They are applicable in military matters, the provisions of the Penal Code and the laws which supplemented and reformed them, which were in force at the time when this Code began to apply, as soon as they do not oppose the provisions of the Code.
By way of derogation from the provisions of the preceding subparagraph, the provisions of Act No. 4,205 of 3 January 1928 shall also apply in military matters ";
(m) To add to article 204, the following second subparagraph:
"The provision of the preceding subparagraph shall not apply if the accused of these crimes belongs to the Carabineros of Chile";
(n) To add to the following Article 206, the following new article:
"Article 206 a) It shall be the cause of the eximence of responsibility for the military, the use of weapons when there is no other rational means of complying with the consignor received";
(ñ) Article 279 should be substitsed by the following:
" Article 279. For the purposes of Articles 275 to 277, the person in charge of the telegraphic or military telephone service shall be considered to be sentinel to the place of service of the imaginary service within the barracks, and, in general, to all those who are in the office of a military service. Those who the Army's regulations call sentries or guards; and it shall be considered as an armed force for the conduct of the pleas or orders "; (o) To add to the following paragraph 3.o of Title 5.o of Book III, the following new paragraph:
4.o Of the crimes against the Carabineros in the performance of their duties
" Article 287 (a) A man who violates or unabates a carabiner in the performance of his duties as law-enforcement and public security shall be punished by:
With the penalty of imprisonment of a higher degree to death, if it causes serious injury or death;
With the penalty of imprisonment of less than half a maximum, if it causes less serious injuries; and
With the penalty of minor imprisonment or a fine of one hundred and a thousand pesos, if it does not cause any injury, or shall not cause minor injuries ".
"Article 287 (b), which threatens or publicly offending a carabiner in the performance of the functions referred to in the preceding article, shall be punished by imprisonment in the medium to the maximum degree, commutable in a fine of one hundred and five hundred pesos".