Modifica Ley 4,800, Organic Of The Steering Steering Direction


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" Article 1.o Amend the Act No. 4,800 of 30 January 1930, as follows:
(a) Replace article 1, or article 1, by the following:
" The General Directorate of State Procurement, created by DFL. "N.o 2.925, of December 30, 1927, will depend on the Ministry of Finance and will be responsible for the acquisition, storage and distribution of all the materials and elements necessary for the public administration".
(b) Replace article 4.o, subparagraph 2.o, with the following:
" This Council shall be chaired by the Minister of Finance and shall be composed of the Director-General, of a delegate appointed by the Senate, and another, by the Chamber of Deputies, a technical delegate (Head), of the Carabineros of Chile, and of a delegate of the "Each Ministry, appointed by the President of the Republic".
(c) Replace subparagraph 2.o of article 5, or article 5, paragraph 2, or article 5, paragraph 2, or article 5,
"The Trustees shall last four years in the performance of their duties and shall be eligible for re-election".
(d) Replace article 6, or article 6, by the following:
" The President of the Republic may, in special cases, direct the acquisition, manufacture, storage, distribution and disposal of certain materials directly. These authorizations shall be granted by supreme decree, signed by all the Ministers of the Dispatch, after a report by the Council of the State Procurement Direction ".
(e) Article 15 should be remade, as follows:
" The Procurement Directorate may deduct up to 2 per cent of the funds made available to it by the services whose warehouses have passed or become dependent on the Authority and up to 1 per cent in the remaining cases.
These funds shall cover the variable costs of the Directorate-General and of the warehouses whose holdings are not owned by them ".
(f) Replace article 16, by the following:
" The capital of the General Directorate of Supply is set in the amount of thirty million pesos.
They will form part of this capital, the values corresponding to the materials and machinery that the Directorate has in existence in the stores and workshops of its property, according to inventories that will be made on December 31 of each year.
They will also form part of this capital, the fiscal buildings where the offices, warehouses, and workshop are operated by the Directorate and its units ".
(g) Article 17 should be substipted by the following:
" In the nation's budgets, the quotas that are deemed necessary for the formation of that capital and even the concurrence of 15 million pesos will be consulted each year.
(h) Article 18 should be substipted by the following:
' The quotas referred to in the preceding Article shall apply exclusively to the acquisition of intended materials, in particular to the formation and increase of the existence and acquisition of machinery which is essential for the purposes of the acquisition of the equipment. better development of the functions to which the Directorate is bound by the present law.
The surplus of 15 million pesos will be allocated for the following purposes:
(a) Preferably those referred to in subparagraph 1.o of this article:
(b) Expenditures, variables of the stores and workshops referred to in article 16 of this Law: and (c) To the conservation, improvement and expansion of the buildings and facilities of the Directorate and its premises.
These investments will be made by the General Directorate with the agreement of the Sourcing Council and will require a supreme decree for investments of over 100,000 pesos.
(i) The following new articles shall be used as a followup to Article 24:
" Article (1) Employees of the Plant, Contract and Hajdnal, of the Dirección General de Supply, shall be entitled to a family allowance, by wife and by each child under 21 years of age, who do not enjoy their own income, ascending to fifty-fifty pesos $50 per month ".
" Article (2). Plant and contractual personnel shall be entitled to additional remuneration, equivalent to 10 per cent (10 per cent) 10 per cent of their salary, if they have not been promoted for three consecutive years, and so on. This increase may not exceed 20% of salary and will not benefit employees who refuse the promotion.
This additional remuneration shall be considered, for all legal purposes, as an integral part of the salary ".
" Article (3). The increased expenditure required to comply with this law shall be charged to the funds, which are consulted on 31 December each year, and may be paid in respect of assessed contributions not covered by the laws of the budget and referred to in Article 17.
The Office of the Comptroller-General of the Republic shall, in a special account, account for the credits referred to in the preceding subparagraph, until the amount of the contributions not consulted in the Law on Budgets " is met.