Free From All Rights, Tax Or Contribution By The Internation Of The Species Indicating For The Frigorific Of Tocopilla, Taltal Municipalities And The Counties, Liceo Jose Victorino Lastarria, Of Sainago, Holy Hospital Takes, Of Limache, Founac


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" Single article. Releases to the payment of rights of internment, of storage, of the taxes laid down in the supreme decree 2.772 of 18 August 1943, and its subsequent amendments and, in general, any right or contribution received through the intermediary (a) customs, the following species are intended for the institutions listed: FRIGORIFIC OF TOCOPILLA Chilling Machinery and accessories for the refrigerator that the Production Promotion Corporation builds in Tocopilla up to a CIF value of US$ 75,000, according to the following detail:
Item "A" Four ammonia compressors ASTRA model ARE-630 with its accessories and spare parts.
Item "B" A compressor for ASTRA ASTRA model ASTR-315 with its accessories and spare parts.
Item "C" Five Siemens electric motors for compressors, with their accessories.
Item "D" Two multitubular condensators with their accessories.
Item "E" Two special centrifugal motor pumps for circulating sea water for vertical condensers, with their accessories.
Item "F" An intermediate cooler of vertical pond and its accessories.
Item "G" Two Forced Air Evaporators, St HH model. 160, to freeze with its accessories.
Item "H" Two sets of evaporative cooler coil tubes of seamless steel tubes with their accessories.
Item "I" An evaporator of forced air model St. HH 100, with your accessories.
Item "J" Three evaporators of forced air model St. HH 80, with its accessories.
Item "K" An evaporator of forced air model St. HH 11, with its accessories.
Item "L" Four evaporators of forced air model St. HH 9, with its accessories.
Item "M" A set of defrosting system for the evaporators of the items G, I, J, K, L.
Item "N" Seven separators of liquid ammonia for the cold units of the items G, I, J, K and L, with their accessories.
Item "O" A machine for producing ASTRA dried ice, model KA 30/60 system Fechner, with its accessories.
Item "P" A water circulation pump per freeze, provided with an electric motor.
Item "Q" A network of complete pipes for ammonia, with its connections, fittings and iron to be fixed on the wall.
Item "R" A set of throttling devices for the atomical service.
Item "S" Twelve special cold doors for cold cameras, with its annexes.
Item "T" A thermal measuring board and its annexes.
Item "U" General mural sofa, with its annexes.
Item "V" A signage board, with its connections and accessories.
MUNICIPALITY OF TALTH A chassis "International", model A-112 N ° 128555, engine N ° 603167, reached Valparaíso by the steamer Aconcagua.
MUNICIPALITY OF CONDES eight dump trucks, brand Karrier, type Derby in chassis Gamecok, according to the following detail: chassis N.os 7341016, 7341017, 7341018, ex-3410207, ex-3410208, ex-3410208, ex-3410202, ex-3410202, engine N.os QXM 1840, 1837, 1844, 1814, 1842, 2317, 2320, 2326,.
A truck cleans septic tank 7340610 N. or QXM 1856 engine.
LIEO JOSE VICTORINO LASTARRIA DE SANTIAGO A bus brand Chevrolet, model 1959, N ° 2702, N ° N series 6D59T-130013, acquired via Salinas and Fabres S. A. C. I. and will be destined for the transportation of students of that establishment.
HOSPITAL HOSPITAL TUOMAS OF LIMACHE A hot air-sterilizing stove W Memomert, model TW 15.
A universal laboratory centrifuge, Brand A. Hettig, model Rota Silenta, with its accessories.
A balance of precision, brand A. Sauter, with the weil boxes for this scales.
A binocular microscope, Brand Reichert A.G., a Bioset model, with the following equipment:
Basic equipment, static composite, centrable condenser carrier. ZIANT-ZIARG key. Optical team. ZIFRE-PLAIV key. Lighting equipment with accessories. Key ZIHDE, four ampoules of spare parts for the lighting equipment. Condenser for the obscure background and ultramicroscopía. APPIS-TRYAM key.
An ambulance "Volkswagen", engine N ° 3404310, chassis N ° 474427.
A Chevrolet Ambulance Model 1958, Order XCO 640016.
CHILE CARABINERS PREVIEWING BOX Five Accounting Machinery, Brand National, Model 32, acquired in the United States of North America, to the firm "The National Cash Register Company".
In addition, this import shall not apply to the tax established in Article 9 of the Law of the Law of Law 11.575.
CLUB DE DEPORTES YUGOSLAVENSKI SOKOL DE ANTOFAGASTA Trescient tons of cement donated by the Government of Yugoslavia to the Sports Club Yugoslav Sokol of Antofagasta and intended for the completion of the stadium that this institution builds in that city.
It also requires these internments of the obligation to efact deposits established by the Law on International Changes, as well as the payment of the sales tax, where appropriate.
If the rights and taxes which are released by the present law have been paid, they shall be returned to the beneficiary institutions.
If, within the period of five years, since the date of the present law, the species referred to in this Article shall be disposed of in any title or given a different destiny than the specific, they shall be found in fiscal coffers. the rights and taxes of the payment of which this law is released, and the persons or entities involved in the respective acts or contracts are jointly and severally liable for this ".